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Atton Consulting: maintenance of XERO software for small business accounting

XERO service from Atton Consulting: main functions

Atton Consulting provides services to users of the XERO accounting program, a universal accounting and reporting tool. It facilitates financial accounting, speeds up and organizes standard daily operations, such as:

  • planning of payments and receipts;
  • management accounting for partners, suppliers, clients;
  • management accounting in the context of several accounts;
  • cash accounting;
  • division of operations into categories;
  • currency support;
  • forecasts of cash flows, income, expenses;
  • analytics by accounts, categories, projects.

Our experts will ensure the import of data from Excel to XERO in accordance with the settings of your accounting system.

What are the main functions of the XERO program will our experts help with

Function Description
Automatic data entry We will control the automatic input and updating by the program of information received from the company or its divisions. As well as extracting data from downloaded documents, the order of distribution by category, the possibility of further collection and analysis.
Secure Communication We will ensure the quality and reliability of encryption, confirm security and confidentiality. Set up backup and multi-user mode.
Data reconciliation Let's test the reconciliation in automatic mode, including the classification and distribution of data, taking into account previous user actions.
Online invoicing We will set up sending invoices to counterparties, as well as notifications for timely payment.
Automatic financial reporting We will verify the data entered by the program in the financial statements with your accounting department.
Statistics We will set up work with company statistics, selection for reporting, analysis.
Integration with other services We will provide integration with common services, which will increase the productivity of accounting and document management. For example, you can set up the filling in of work timesheets by employees, according to which wages are calculated.

We will also check the availability of the following important settings: compliance with reporting deadlines, tax returns, the availability of electronic signatures, document copying functions, expense tracking, and others. At the first consultation with our managers, find out what exactly the maintenance of the XERO program from Atton Consulting will be useful for!

Why you should contact Atton Consulting for XERO setup and implementation services in Dubai

Our specialists have been experienced users of the XERO program for many years. We know how to adapt the program to different business needs, depending on the industry, type of business activity, volume of transactions and other parameters. Our experts help accountants and management learn options and expand their user skills.

Access to XERO is possible from anywhere in the world, subject to the availability of the Internet, for which a tablet and even a smartphone with the XERO application will be enough. If you want your employees, including those working remotely, to be able to fully perform their duties, please contact the Atton Consulting team in Dubai for consulting support. With our professional support, your employees will easily reconcile documents, balance, upload documents or send invoices to customers. And all this at any given time!

Setting up and implementing such an accounting software product as XERO is closely related to the functions of business administration, primarily accounting, document management and internal control. After setting up by our team, you are guaranteed to be able to use the following advanced features in XERO:

  • accounting;
  • own or alternative accounting system;
  • mode of data collection, analysis, compilation of certificates, consultations;
  • calculation and accounting of wages;
  • project accounting;
  • pricing accounting;
  • invoicing;
  • formation of payroll;
  • online accounting;
  • cloud accounting.

Contact the accountants of our company in Dubai for consulting support and get the correct setting of the main software product of your accounting department! Atton Consulting employs certified and experienced consultant practitioners who will monitor compliance with XERO accounting and financial reporting rules accepted in your company.

Furthermore, if appropriate, we will help you transfer accounting from XERO, as well as analog programs QuickBooks and Sage to Tally Prime. Companies in the Emirates often have little experience with XERO, QuickBooks and Sage products, in which case our recommendation is accounting through Tally Prime, where we have even more experience and specialists in this software. In addition to high-quality accounting in a proven program, choosing Tally Prime from Atton Consulting, you will receive favorable offers in other areas of our company, as well as professional consulting support. Find out more at our first consultation!


I liked using XERO, but I don't know if this program will be useful for my business in the future?

Professional software products such as XERO are designed with accounting and business trends in mind. They provide for updating versions in accordance with market demands. You can always seek advice from our experienced experts who will guide you on new program options.

How do I know which services my company's version of XERO is compatible with?

Extended versions of the XERO program are able to integrate with 700+ popular services. We will provide seamless integration with the products you need, this will increase the productivity of accounting and workflow. For example, you can set up employees to fill in worksheets that are used to calculate wages, set up collaboration with the Microsoft package, and others. Contact our experts for support and find out exactly what services are available to you and how to expand their list if necessary.

My company uses a desktop version of XERO. What about employees who work remotely?

In addition to the stationary program, the developers offer to use the XERO mobile application, which is specially designed for mobile devices based on the most common platforms. Our consultants will help your employees in setting up and synchronizing with the main company program so that the work goes smoothly and smoothly.

My business has been using its own accounting system for many years, can XERO produce the reports I need?

Yes, XERO has such an opportunity. The program allows you to create dozens of reports of the form you need, keep records in the desired format, generate statistics and analytics. The use of additional options is possible when setting up the program individually for your company by our specialists.

How exactly can Atton Consulting specialists help in my work with XERO?

Our specialists will study the features of software operation in your business, give practical advice and recommendations, and help at any stage of XERO implementation. This applies to daily work with the program, quarterly or monthly reporting, expanding functionality and adding users working both in the company's offices and remotely. Your benefit in this case is an increase in the efficiency of financial accounting and bookkeeping of the company. That will positively affect the results of the audit, as well as inspections of regulatory authorities. We will provide you with ready-made solutions for the use of XERO, which have proven their effectiveness in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses.

Is it possible to service the XERO program in outsourcing format from Atton Consulting?

Yes, accounting outsourcing in Atton Consulting is possible precisely through the use of the XERO program. This is very convenient for international companies, foreign representative offices, as well as companies registered in the UAE but operating abroad. Ensure trouble-free use of the most necessary XERO options - data entry and upload, electronic document processing, primary analysis of the company's financial state at a certain point in time. It is important for businesses to always be in touch with their finances, and we know how to ensure this! Contact our managers for advice and find out how to make your XERO program even more productive and useful!

What are the advantages of servicing the XERO program by experts from Atton Consulting?

In addition to non-stop access to XERO, our specialists are guaranteed to provide control functions on the part of your company - cash flow, timely receipt of payments from customers, settlements with suppliers. We will free your accountants and management from the hassle of learning about the features of the program. Our XERO specialists will quickly and efficiently tailor the program to your needs, while your employees can devote more attention to their core responsibilities. The mistakes of inexperienced users can lead to failures and loss of information, so it is much more profitable to use consulting support from professionals at an affordable price.

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