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Atton Consulting team of professionals: payroll specialists for your business

Who provides professional payroll services in the UAE

The regulation of the procedure for calculating wages in the Emirates is aimed at uniformity of approaches to wage systems for businesses and government agencies. Regardless of the size of the company, types of business activities, country of origin, all organizations are required to follow the established requirements.

Despite the fact that the jurisdiction of the UAE is tax-free, the process of calculating wages is quite complex and requires detailed documentation of all payroll transactions. Therefore, government regulators recommend that companies apply for payroll outsourcing. Thus, business and the state can be confident in compliance with the law.

In addition, the UAE has introduced a Payroll Protection System (WPS) designed to comprehensively control and build databases of employers who pay wages to employees. Companies operating under the flag of the Emirates on local land, as well as in accordance with some requirements of free economic zones, are required to register in it. Almost all of them need the services of professionals, as they require knowledge of the legislation of the Emirates, special professional training and experience.

Payroll services are provided by the Atton Consulting team. Our proficient specialists will create a payroll calculation system adapted to the needs of your business. We know how to find internal reserves in the company, save on administration and use other effective outsourcing tools that will benefit your business!

Choose Payroll Specialists at Atton Consulting

Payroll outsourcing in Dubai involves many processes and requires taking into account the peculiarities of the business organization. Any information is important

  • whether an international workforce is being hired;
  • to what extent the personnel and accounting policies comply with the regulations in force in Dubai;
  • how exactly the company's activities comply with the requirements of the legislation in the UAE.

Otherwise, companies may face sanctions and restrictions. All this will inevitably affect the reputation of the company. In order not to increase the risks for your business, seek professional help from the Atton Consulting skillful team. We are familiar with the intricacies of the Emirati legislation and will help you not to miss the moments that are important for your business.

Benefits of using payroll from Atton Consulting specialists:

  • professional wages in the cloud for business;
  • certified payroll specialist (CPP) services;
  • preparation of reports, payrolls;
  • monitoring of the state of payroll calculations, consulting support;
  • full access to documents, receipt, other information for outsourced client companies, identification of accounting features;
  • integration of the payroll system with accounting and personnel management;
  • issuance of salary certificates and other documents to employees, banks and other institutions;
  • preparation of documents and reporting for regulatory authorities;
  • full and strict observance of the labor legislation of the UAE;
  • professional value of certified payroll services with a range of average market prices.

Atton Consulting will help you use the electronic payroll system, which in Dubai is carried out only through banks or special financial institutions. We will collect and check all the data for the information base, explain the instructions for transferring wages, and make sure that all requirements of the Ministry of Labor and the Central Bank of the UAE are met.

What service does Atton Consulting provide to clients?

Professional payroll services in Dubai is one of Atton Consulting's main focus areas. We provide a full range of payroll management services, including accrual and consulting support. Most of our clients are small and mid size companies that have found an effective solution in administration issues. This is outsourcing from Atton Consulting talented specialists. Our skills will provide your business with full support - accounting transactions, calculation and payment of taxes, payroll, audit, analysis of the financial condition of the company and much more:

  • paperwork for employees;
  • calculation of remuneration - gross salary, using the bonus system and incentive scheme;
  • registration of the company and setting up in the WPS system;
  • calculation of remuneration to personnel;
  • calculation of remuneration in connection with leaving the company;
  • cross-checking the reimbursement of labor costs.

We will make sure that the document flow of your company complies with the law and the type of business, and that the reporting is compiled and submitted to government departments on time. The most important advantage of an outsourced administrative service is the reduction in operating costs. Atton Consulting will offer you the most beneficial package of services with which you can free up your resources for use in the main lines of business.

If you want to discover opportunities to improve the efficiency of your business, contact Atton Consulting for outsourcing. We relieve you of complex payroll responsibilities, provide enhanced security and data privacy. We also guarantee professional administrative service!

What separates a payroll specialist from a non-professional

Payroll specialists are not only directly involved in the calculations. Their range of responsibilities is much broader. It includes administration functions that cover all processes related to payroll, from accounting for working hours, to issuing a check, auditing and processing payments.

To get a position as a payroll specialist, you need professional qualities, training and experience. It is necessary to have communication skills, be able to build a dialogue with employees, clients, management, effectively organize the workflow, be able to motivate and determine the best ways to complete tasks.

A good payroll specialist:

  • oriented in IT, possesses the skills of an advanced user;
  • attentive, likes accuracy, understands the importance of following instructions;
  • feels great in a team, easily becomes part of the overall workflow;
  • has logical, rational thinking;
  • performs work on time;
  • understands the need for confidentiality.

The Atton Consulting team consists of true professionals. We all have vast experience in this area and provide the best solutions for administering your business.

h3 What payroll certifications exist in the world and the UAE

In the world, different approaches are used to determine the requirements for specialists. Often payroll experience is not important, accounting training and experience with accounts and documents is much more important. Some employers give candidates an exam, require 5 years of practice as an accountant or payroll specialist.

Payroll certifications include the Basic Certification, Administrative Assistant Certification, Senior Human Resources Certification, and others.

The main certifications that are used in most countries of the world are:

  • Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) is a basic payroll certification. Designed for entry-level professionals, sales consultants, systems analysts and other similar positions related to payroll.
  • Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) is a certified payroll specialist. It provides for compliance with the criteria of work experience in this area from 5 years, of which 2 years were directly related to payroll, the passage of professional training courses, the status of basic certification (FPC).

For example, in the United States, separate standards have been set for the payroll industry. There are no such requirements in the UAE, only the need for employers to register in a digital WPS system designed to protect employees.


Is it profitable to contact the payroll specialists at Atton Consulting?

Our company offers advantageous solution packages to its clients who apply for outsourced accounting services. These include related services such as consulting support and tax assistance. Find out from Atton Consulting experts what solutions are effective for your company and get the best payroll offers from our team.

What related services can be obtained from Atton Consulting?

Atton Consulting provides an extensive list of services related to outsourcing administrative processes: accounting, auditing, reporting, registration as a taxpayer and VAT filing, interaction with government agencies, consulting support and much more. You can learn about additional services, for example, those related to the registration and licensing of a business, from our consultants or on our web resource.

Can I apply for Atton Consulting services without having a registered business in the UAE?

Yes, you can apply for services to our company, we will help you start a business in the Emirates, obtain visas and solve many other issues.

What are payroll services in Dubai? Why is there a need for outsourcing?

Payroll in Dubai is provided by professional outsourcing firms. It is not relevant for all types of businesses to create their own standard payroll service. For small businesses, this is not practical. Therefore, firms operating under the flag of the UAE prefer to contact specialists. For example, Atton Consulting will offer you payroll services, reconciliation of documents, reflection of transactions in accounting, reporting, expert support. Contact Atton Consulting for a professional outsourcing service and free your administration processes from complicated procedures!

What skills should a payroll professional have?

Professional payroll services require specific training and specific competencies. The specialist must have the following skills:

  • accounting or related economic education;
  • experience in the field of wages;
  • ability to work with documents;
  • knowledge of UAE legislation;
  • analytic mind;
  • attention to details;
  • conscientiousness and honesty.

These skills are inherent in true professionals in their field. Our experts possess all listed qualities in full measure. We will provide a high professional level of all payroll procedures for your company!

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