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Payroll services in Dubai, UAE from Atton Consulting

Payroll in the UAE: the need and requirements

Our specialists provide professional accounting and payroll services, as the team has many years of experience in this field. Third-party accounting and settlement services in Dubai have become part of the administration processes of many companies. Since the service of outsourcing payroll is much more profitable than the maintenance of special departments - accounting, tax service, salary specialist or reporting.

In the Emirates, companies that conduct international activities are registered in large numbers. Such businesses require global payroll services. Hiring permanent employees or engaging them on a temporary basis, as well as a remote work format, uneven workload, changes in labor rates - there are a lot of nuances here. Not every accountant has sufficient competencies to process all payroll information.

We will study and organize your documentation, put your accounts and records in order, and set up the payroll process. We'll do it all remotely! You do not need to provide an office or a separate workplace for our specialist. You will not need a full-time employee to perform payroll tasks. You do not have to spend money on his training and wait for him to gain experience. Our team is already staffed with ready-to-work accountants. Contact Atton Consulting and find out how to ease the burden of administrative costs for your business and get additional benefits at the same time!

Outsourced payroll services: how consulting companies can help

The stages of the payroll process in the UAE, the payment procedure and other features are regulated by law. Strict adherence to regulatory requirements is an important condition for the continuation of business activities in the Emirates. The government is interested in compliance with the law by legal entities, therefore it is recommends that private and public companies apply for outsourcing services to certified companies.

Atton Consulting is a well-known and experienced participant in the remote services market. We provide ready-made package solutions for setting up business administration. Benefit from our professional payroll solutions in Dubai which may include:

  1. Monthly pay slips, salary statements and other documents.
  2. Registration of certificates of no objection (NOC) for employees.
  3. Letters of appointment.
  4. Set up a payroll protection system (WPS).
  5. Application, selection of medical insurance - support and consulting.
  6. Calculations of payments in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the UAE.
  7. Calculation of payments upon termination of employment - dismissal, end of probationary period, etc.

Among the consulting offers in Dubai, services from Atton Consulting are distinguished by an extensive list of relevant areas of business administration. With us, your company shall no longer worry about maintaining accounts and paperwork. And your management can count on full information support for management decisions.

Offers of the outsourcing company Atton Consulting for your business

We form individual solutions based on the study of business features, taking into account industry affiliation, volume of operations and other criteria. If necessary, we offer full-featured, as well as individual services - on request and in accordance with the recommendations of our experts. For example, a comprehensive payroll solution that may be suitable for your business in Dubai includes:

  • payroll management, including collection, processing, analysis of information;
  • reconciliation of primary documents with data on wages from the company's database;
  • calculations for employee vacations, payment planning;
  • multi-currency payment options;
  • systematization of employee remuneration;
  • calculation and accounting of payments for business trips;
  • assistance in setting up and using the state payment protection system, including registration of your company in it.

All services are aimed at bringing the remuneration system to a unified form, determined by the laws of the UAE. We guarantee strict compliance with the requirements and norms, our procedure for the provision of outsourcing payroll services contains all the necessary procedures and steps.


What is the best remote service for small business in Dubai?

In Dubai, small businesses often do not have the need for accounting and similar departments. Business volumes do not require this. A separately hired accountant may not have the required qualifications. Therefore, in order to correctly reflect transactions and settlements in accounting, small businesses are advised to apply for virtual service. Atton Consulting provides such a service, we will provide your company with all the necessary functions for full-fledged administration.

Do I need to install accounting software in my company if I switch to a virtual service?

If your business switches to remote service, then your company does not need to install special programs. An outsourcing company is independently engaged in the technological equipment of its activities.

Why payroll services are more profitable than having your own accountant?

To find out how much this option is more profitable for your company, please contact our specialist for advice. We'll show you which administration functions you can use to free up resources. The involvement of an external specialist who will study your business and apply their professional skills is the better solution than training your employee or hiring an expensive professional on permanent basis.

Can I apply for payroll services if my company has less than 50 employees?

Yes, Atton Consulting will offer for your company all the necessary set of outsourced administrative solutions that will cover all your requests at the most favorable cost.

Is it possible to get an additional service from Atton Consulting along with payroll services?

We help in company registration and licensing as well as administration and visa support. Our areas of professional interest are auditing, financial analysis, bookkeeping and accounting, taxation, registration with the tax office, filing a VAT return, and consulting support. Contact our managers for advice and find out which solutions will be the most effective for your business.

I have a small business, no more than 10 people, can I apply for services to your company?

Atton Consulting specializes in services for small businesses, even if the company employs only a few people. It is for such firms that our best professional offers have been developed. Contact us and find out which one is right for you.

Is cloud storage of my firm's salary information secure?

The cloud service ensures complete data safety. Only authorized managers of your company will have access to them. The use of cloud technologies allows you to save on servers, freeing up additional resources and space.

I don’t understand accounting well, how can I understand whether the documentation is correctly drawn up, calculations and accounting are carried out?

Atton Consulting is a company with over many years of experience in the UAE market. Thousands of companies have taken advantage of our effective solutions. Our reputation as the reliable partner allows us to easily and quickly find ways to communicate with government agencies. We timely provide reporting of our clients to the controlling organizations. Our experts guarantee the best solution for your business and provide all the necessary information at the request of the client.

Due to the peculiarities of the business, the number of my employees is constantly changing. Will the cost of payroll services increase if there is more staff?

To find out about the features of our service in such cases, contact our managers for a free consultation. The agreements initially reached between our companies is to be amended as per your new requirements and changing scope of the work.

What are the benefits of payroll service for my company in the long run?

When outsourcing payroll, the company engages a third-party firm that has experience in this. Outsourcing allows you to redirect resources for additional profit. As a result, the employer saves time, money, effort and opens up new opportunities for his business. During a consultation with Atton Consulting specialists, find out how profitable our service is for a year or more.

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