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Outsourcing payroll solutions for your business from Atton Consulting professionals

Why global payroll outsourcing services are in high demand

Payroll outsourcing is a way to organize the remuneration of employees in the country or abroad. The service is the compilation of payrolls by third-party specialists. They perform administrative functions in the company without being part of it. At the same time, compliance with the legislation on the terms and system of payments is guaranteed. The advantages of using such services are obvious - payment is made only for calculations and paperwork, while you do not need to pay a third-party specialist for the entire month of work and provide him with an appropriate load.

Consulting support in the UAE is provided by international or local payroll outsourcing companies as we are. HR outsourcing payroll providers are now in high demand in the UAE, and the state has recommended the use of professional accountants. So the ministries and departments of the Emirates, as well as the legal entities themselves, can be sure of the correctness of the formation of salary amounts, paperwork and reflection in accounting.

Today, private business in the UAE is a rapidly growing segment of the economy. The country has a comfortable business environment and a lot of advantages of registering a business. Among them, the most attractive are tge absence of most of the taxes and the opportunity to develop international business with profit anywhere in the world. Tens of thousands of new companies a year register in the UAE and get access to all residency preferences. Therefore, on the part of the state, there were requirements to bring the document flow to uniformity.

Payroll outsourcing is a popular service at Atton Consulting. Many companies are clients of our remote service. Most often, they contact us for comprehensive services, since entrepreneurial activity involves not only wages, but also reporting, declarations and general taxation. Firms need to communicate well with regulatory authorities, go through complex registration procedures or arrange for audit of financial statements.

All this and much more is provided by our team of experts. Contact Atton Consulting and get payroll outsourcing in several countries! We specialize in services for small businesses, provide administrative outsourcing and consulting support.

Features of payroll outsourcing in Dubai

Dubai and other Emirates use an international workforce. Companies come to the UAE from all over the world, they are used to setting up work with accounting and documents in their order. However, it is customary in Dubai to support the organization of procedures and management policies in companies at the global level.

Atton Consulting specialists will provide for your business:

  • payroll preparation;
  • calculation of travel, vacation, overtime, bonuses, etc.
  • compilation of monthly pay slips, tax forecast and reimbursement sheet for selected employees via e-mail;
  • calculation of dismissed employees;
  • registration of reports on wages.

We will ensure the proper processing of payments in electronic form according to the forms approved by the Ministry of Labor of UAE. We will also advise on payments through banks and authorized financial institutions.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll

Specialists who have gained extensive experience in the field of remuneration know all the complexities and peculiarities of the procedure for calculating salaries in organizations in Dubai. Our company will help your business to maintain its sustainability and identify new directions for development. This will be facilitated by consulting support and expert recommendations, for example:

  • the use of multi-currency payments for the security of wage payments;
  • monitoring advance payments to employees will help to avoid discrepancies and errors;
  • procedure for access of employees to payrolls;
  • setting up a system for reporting and filing with regulatory authorities;
  • strict compliance with the law, not only in the UAE, but also in the MENA region, etc.

Our team is well aware of the practical situations that may arise in the wage system. We know all the problem areas and are able to solve complex problems. Contact our specialists for an initial consultation and find out what benefits payroll outsourcing will bring to your business!

When to use an outsourced payroll service?

Remote payroll services can be accessed to streamline your company's administrative processes. Small firms do not need their own payroll services and even a separate specialist, this is impractical. Not all accountants can understand the peculiarities of calculations, since employees of the company can work a different number of hours, there are layoffs and additional hiring of personnel. In such cases, it is better to contact an external expert who has experience in calculating payroll and is able to use a large amount of such information. Outsourced payroll service from Atton Consulting is a cost-effective solution!


Is it safe to hire a third party company to outsource payroll?

Consulting firms that specialize in outsourcing administrative functions have the appropriate licenses, the specialists of such companies are accredited. Information is transmitted via secure channels, safety is ensured by specially developed software products. The qualifications and experience of consulting firms' specialists allow clients to no longer worry about the secondary tasks of their business activities, but to direct the freed resources to the development of their core business.

How can I decide how beneficial outsourcing is for your company?

You can contact our consultants and learn about Atton Consulting offers, compare them with your costs and find out the advantageous difference.

What is the Payroll Protection System and how does it work?

The Payroll Protection System (WPS) was created by the UAE Central Bank and the Ministry of Labor. In order to guarantee the timely and full payment of wages to employees of Emirati organizations. To do this, companies must register in the system. If the company is not registered in the system, this may result in penalties and fines. Documents for the payment of wages from the bank where the company-employer is serviced are first received by the WPS. There, the documentation is processed and submitted for payments to the Central Bank of the UAE.

Why seek payroll outsourcing services from Atton Consulting?

Payroll calculation in modern companies is a complex process that requires detailed reflection in the documents. Full compliance with legal requirements requires professional training and experience. Not only small and medium-sized businesses, but also large firms apply for payroll outsourcing. All of them want to optimize the costs of administrative procedures and prefer to entrust them to third-party services. Atton Consulting provides services remotely: payroll, accounting, taxation and other areas. Profitable business solutions in Dubai contain comprehensive services that can be an attractive alternative for you when forming or restructuring your company.

Why is it better to switch to payroll from Atton Consulting?

Our company specializes in a comprehensive outsourcing service for small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients choose to outsource because of the ease of use - all processes are set up in accordance with the law, are reflected in accounting and primary documents, reporting is completed on time and in full. Such companies do not have to worry about interaction with regulatory agencies, because their business enjoys professional consulting support. The Atton Consulting team will offer accessible and understandable systems of accounting, calculations, ensure the reconciliation of documents, the formation of statements, and the preparation of a declaration. Contact our experts and provide your business with the most effective outsourcing service!

What payroll services does Atton Consulting offer?

Our company offers in order of remote service:

  • payroll preparation;
  • calculation of travel, vacation, overtime, bonuses, tips, etc.
  • compilation of monthly pay slips, tax forecast and reimbursement sheet for selected employees via e-mail;
  • calculation of dismissed employees;
  • registration of reports on wages.

We also provide consulting support and package offers for outsourcing accounting, taxation and other administrative processes.

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