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Atton Consulting: management accounting is an important component of a successful business

What is management accounting and what is its significance in the UAE

Accounting, as a direction of business administration, is strictly regulated in the United Arab Emirates. All companies are required by law to maintain accounting records and record the company's financial transactions. The same requirements apply to management accounting within the internal first regulations. Management is a type of accounting that generates primary documents, reports, statements, summaries and other ledgers that are necessary for the company's management to make management decisions.

Traditional management accounting includes:

  1. Development of reports for the company's management, which contain both financial and non-financial information.
  2. Analysis and processing of information, determination of performance indicators.
  3. Evaluation of possible risks, deviations, reconciliation with planned values.
  4. Identification of trends, forecasting.
  5. Development of recommendations for optimization of planning and internal control.

All these services in the complex are provided by our certified CMA (Certified Management Accountant) management accountants. We will study how your business works, what are the main sources of profit and the prevailing cost items. Based on documents prepared by the Atton Consulting team, you will be able to confidently make strategic business decisions and focus on improving business performance. Use the services of management accounting specialists and get new tools to further conquer the market!

What does management accounting services from Atton Consulting include?

If you are looking for new ways to develop your business in Dubai, care about improving the effectiveness of management decisions, develop and justify strategies, plan, then you need the services of a management accountant. Atton Consulting offers the following key aspects of management accounting that will take your company to the next level:

  1. Business planning. Thanks to the participation of a management accounting specialist, the analysis of the company's activities is systematized, forecasting will become more accurate, and the company will be able to achieve its goals more effectively. With the help of management accounting tools, our experts in Dubai will help you coordinate plans and actions, reallocate resources and manage revenues.
  2. Professional consulting on management accounting. Our proposals for the preparation of financial statements will help to reflect the information more accurately, which will further contribute to its correct interpretation. Expert advice from the Atton Consulting team is a guarantee of improving the financial condition of your business. At the same time, we will help with taxation, general accounting, and compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities.
  3. Professional accounting support. Only experienced accountants who are professionals in the field of management accounting will help your business gain stability and enter a sustainable growth trend. For this, proven accounting, taxation, management accounting, auditing and other tools are used.
  4. Consulting support for management. The top management of the company is responsible for the entire business. Therefore, management is interested in the availability of supporting documentation, which will serve as the basis for making management decisions. In further analysis of the results, you can refer to the reports generated from the results of management accounting in order to understand the logic of the strategy and the actions taken.
  5. Support for related departments of the company. Management accounting serves as a basis for understanding financial transactions by employees of other departments that are not related to accounting. Clarity and accessibility of information helps to navigate the events and actions of management.

Atton Consulting offers professional management accounting services for any type of business in the United Arab Emirates. Our tools are versatile and have proven their worth in a wide variety of industries. A business that bases its decisions on evidence, taking into account the state of affairs in the company as a whole, is able to adapt much faster to a changing market situation. Find out at a consultation with our experts what benefits management accounting will bring to your company!

Why you should contact Atton Consulting for a management accounting service

Professional accountants of Atton Consulting have diverse experience in management accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting, funds, cost management, investments, property. We offer comprehensive services, including on a remote basis. Our consultants will help you get the best solutions to your problems, thanks to the talents and unique skills of the team's experts. Take advantage of Atton Consulting offers and get opportunities to improve your financial performance!

What do we offer:

  • a comprehensive analysis of the financial condition of the company, checking for compliance with legislation, recommendations and requirements;
  • identification of opportunities for saving resources, reducing costs, optimizing costs;
  • assistance in planning, forecasting, budgeting, developing strategies, structuring goals and objectives;
  • flexible conditions for management accounting and other services;
  • full compliance with the needs of your business, adaptation of offers to the needs of the client.

Hiring the services of professional management accountants is a much more profitable solution than hiring an unskilled employee. Skills are developed over the years, and experience is measured by dozens of ready-made solutions and the size of the client base. Take advantage of the unique offers of our company, we will help you manage your business using universal tools that have proven effective in practice.


What is management accounting?

Management is a type of accounting that generates primary documents, reports, statements, summaries and certificates that are necessary for the company's management to make management decisions.

What is the importance of management accounting?

Documents that appear as a result of management accounting serve as the basis for making strategic decisions, building plans, and forming current tasks. Management accounting provides the rationale for key and ongoing decisions. A business that does not have management accounting in place runs the risk of being guided in its decisions by incomplete information, which can lead to increased costs and losses.

What is the difference between management accounting and financial accounting?

There is a fundamental difference between management and financial accounting. Financial accounting involves following established rules that are understood by other organizations. The results of financial accounting are usually provided to external users, for example, investors, suppliers, shareholders. Management accounting is aimed at meeting internal needs - for the company's management. In terms of content, financial accounting is a reflection of financial transactions in the accounts, as a result of which reports are generated. They reflect the financial condition of the organization. Reports that are generated for company management contain information about various aspects of the business that require attention, analysis and decision making.

What are the responsibilities of a management accountant?

A management accountant collects, organizes information, reflects it in the form of records, as well as analyzes, draws up budgets, reports, and reconciles with plans. Its task is to identify trends, the causes of the observed processes, to find opportunities for further growth and overcoming deterioration. These competencies include knowledge of not only accounting, but also taxation, administration, auditing, strategic planning and management of the company's financial policy. It is these universal specialists who work at Atton Consulting. Our team of highly qualified accountants provide the best management accounting services, using up-to-date software and the latest regulations.

How can management accounting help my company?

Management accounting allows management to have no doubts about the rationale of their decisions. Having received maximum information about financial transactions and the state of the business, the company's management takes into account the results of the analysis and can predict various events. Contact Atton Consulting's management accountants to provide your business with the information you need to manage.

For which companies is management accounting recommended?

The job of a management accountant is important to the senior management of any company, be it commercial, service, government, or non-profit. Atton Consulting specializes in serving small and mid size businesses. Our range of services includes various areas of outsourced business administration, consulting and other types of support in Dubai.

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