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Internal audit as a service from Atton Consulting partners

Internal audit services: how Atton Consulting partners can help in Dubai

Internal audit services from our partners are provided by certified professionals in the field of finance, reporting, accounting and taxation. Atton Consulting partners are able to quickly find inconsistencies, errors and discrepancies in records, invoices and documents. Reconciliation of documentation is carried out with high accuracy, which makes it possible to identify discrepancies and other weaknesses. The experience of our internal auditors in Dubai will serve as a qualitative upgrade of your company's administration systems.

Which internal audit services will improve the performance of your business:

  • professional consulting at any stage of the audit, as well as in the process of preparing for the audit;
  • analysis of information, influencing factors, assessment of risks and threats;
  • forecasting based on the results of the audit;
  • protection of assets from fraud;
  • improving the efficiency of internal control;
  • enforcement of laws;
  • development of recommendations to improve the efficiency of operations.

We will help your business achieve its goals at the lowest cost, using up-to-date and reliable tools. Together with us you will find new points of growth, increase in productivity and decrease in risks!

Benefits of Atton Consulting internal audit services in UAE

Audit services are one of the specializations of our partners. For many years, our experts have been providing internal financial audit services and helping companies optimize their processes. Among the advantages of applying for internal audit services to our company:

  • extensive experience in various aspects of business, in almost any type of business activity and industry affiliation;
  • professional identification of new opportunities for development, based on the current financial status
  • detailed study of the organization's policy, identification of areas for its improvement;
  • an objective assessment of the state of processes and the company as a whole;
  • the application of a comprehensive methodology that has repeatedly proven its effectiveness.

As a result, you will gain new knowledge about the development of your business, the state of control and management, you will be able to avoid threats and eliminate losses.

Contact our specialists and partners for internal audit services and you will receive:

  1. The best professional analysis based on the results of the audit.
  2. New standards that will allow building the core processes of company management at a qualitatively different level.
  3. Comprehensive solutions based on the professionalism and experience of auditors. We will provide solutions on how to effectively deal with problems in your business.
  4. Independent assessment, a new look at financial flows, an objective and unbiased analysis.
  5. Improving administration functions. Our experts will recommend directions for restructuring the company, as well as provide justification for transferring some functions to outsourcing, which is much more profitable than maintaining departments and staff positions.
  6. Regular use of internal audit services will allow our specialists to monitor the status of processes and conduct ongoing analysis.
  7. Improving the efficiency of employees. With regular checks, employees are motivated for a better result and the absence of errors. They strive for coordinated work and the manifestation of their competencies.
  8. Optimization of the use of company resources. Internal audit helps to reallocate resources to business areas where they are more in demand, as well as identify additional sources of resources or problem areas.

Contact Atton Consulting partners and experts in Dubai for advice and get comprehensive proposals for internal audit and other services from our professional team!


How can internal audit improve business performance in UAE?

Internal audit improves efficiency by regulating quality control. It is based on identifying and meeting customer needs. And also due to:

  • new approaches to pricing, identifying the weaknesses of your business through analysis, risk reduction;
  • development of recommendations and tools aimed at business development;
  • improvement of internal control procedures.

Internal auditors and partners of Atton Consulting, who have experience in the field of control and risk management, are able to establish the main processes in your company and take your business to a whole new level.

How is the independence and objectivity of internal audit ensured?

Independence and objectivity are among the most important audit events. Auditors are identified by impartial, unbiased discussion as a result of audits. This is the objectivity of the audit. Independence is controlled through openness and accessibility to company resources. The results of the internal audit should be reviewed and analyzed before they are published, which will serve as a confirmation of objectivity.

Is it mandatory for an organization in Dubai to conduct an internal audit?

No, it's optional. However, internal audit improves the clarity and accuracy of financial reporting, which contributes to the adoption of informed management decisions and increases the credibility of management. Find out from Atton Consulting consultants how internal audit will help your business.

Can I rely on the confidentiality of the auditor's report?

The confidentiality of information, documentation and reporting is provided for by the code of ethics, which is strictly observed in Atton Consulting. Disclosure, loss or transmission of data is completely excluded. Together with partners we guarantee full protection of your data, both during the audit and after it.

What happens if internal audit reveals non-compliance?

In the event of discrepancies, Atton Consulting specialists will study the problematic issues in more detail, identify the causes and develop proposals and measures to eliminate them. Our experts and partners will offer solutions that best suit your business needs.

What is the difference between internal audit and internal control in Dubai?

The main difference is that internal audit is an administrative function that consists of verification. Internal control is a management system that consists of procedures, tools and measures aimed at achieving the goals of the organization. Although their tasks are similar. Both aspects of the organization's activities are closely interrelated, in particular, internal audit is subjected to, among other things, internal control. Internal control is part of management, internal audit is carried out by auditors.

The Atton Consulting partners will conduct a professional internal audit of your company's administrative systems. They will provide comprehensive coverage, high quality and full compliance with legal requirements.

What is the difference between internal and statutory audit?

Unlike internal audit, statutory audit is an external audit carried out by state auditors. Its necessity is dictated by the requirements of the legislation. The main goals are the solution of taxation issues, interaction with banks. A mandatory audit may be carried out at the request of investors or shareholders. The financial performance of the company, its reporting are subject to verification.

Whereas internal audit usually precedes external audit. Its task is to identify weaknesses and develop recommendations for eliminating shortcomings. Internal auditors are usually employees of the same company, sent from other departments.

However, it is not necessary to put additional stress on your own employees. Atton Consulting partners are professional and experienced auditors who are well acquainted with the peculiarities of various types of business. An internal audit with the participation of partners team will be carried out quickly and efficiently. Learn from our consultants how to organize an audit by our partners and get the most complete and useful audit reports!

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