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Compliance audit services from Atton Consulting partners: profitable offers for your company

What is a compliance audit and why is it important in the UAE

Internal audit services for risks and compliance are one of the specializations of our partners. They conduct inspections in companies that are related to various sectors of the economy. Many of them are regulated by the state, for example, education or services of state institutions. In such cases, it is especially important to know the UAE sectoral and general legislation, where strict compliance is of particular importance.

Compliance audit is a set of tools and procedures for checking company systems. The audit is aimed at various aspects of the internal activities of the company, which are mostly related to management.

The objectives of a compliance audit are to determine:

  • compliance of the company's management system with the principles of management;
  • activities and procedures within the framework of the audit, depending on the scope of work;
  • the number of certified auditors that may be required in different departments of the company;
  • full compliance with internal policies and rules, taking into account industry affiliation.

Compliance audit is necessary for the management of the organization to confirm the implementation of government regulations, as well as internal orders and procedures.

Why compliance audit by partners of Atton Consulting is the best solution for you

Our compliance audit partners in Dubai will help you make sure that your firm is in compliance with all established requirements. They are intimately familiar with industry codes of practice and can ensure the accuracy of any business's audit. Make sure that your company meets the requirements of your industry, contact Atton Consulting for a compliance audit service!

This will add confidence to the management in the correctness of management, will allow to prepare reports for other checks, and not worry about errors and violations. You will be able to avoid fines, sanctions, penalties, reduce costs and earn even more respect from partners and customers. Using audit services on a regular basis, you will ensure a hassle-free license renewal!

Partners' team of Atton Consulting consists of certified professionals with many years of experience in the audit services segment. Their competence and consulting support will serve as a guarantee of the absence of contradictions with the laws. Your business reputation will increase, as well as future income!


What is a compliance audit?

A compliance audit, or compliance audit, is a check that establishes the compliance of a company, its activities with the regulatory systems that are established for a given industry or type of business activity. Compliance audits are conducted for firms, banks and other financial institutions, lawyers, consultants, accountants and other professionals working on their own. All of them must be aware of the rules and regulations in force in relation to their field of activity.

Atton Consulting partners and auditors provide compliance audit services in any industry in Dubai. With our partner we will get acquainted with the peculiarities of running your business, study the legislation and the requirements of regulatory authorities, so that our checks are carried out with maximum accuracy. Contact our managers for an initial consultation and learn about audit proposals for your company!

What does a compliance audit include?

Depending on the type of company, different approaches to compliance auditing may be applied. In any case, a specially trained auditor is appointed by partner of Atton Consulting to ensure that all requirements are met. For example, for companies that work with personal information of users, it is important to respect the confidentiality and security of data. Rules and regulations vary by industry, however, companies must strictly comply with the requirements in the UAE. As a result, the auditor's report reflects how the company complies with intra-industry regulations.

Why do I need a compliance audit of my company?

Compliance audit is essential for your company because it allows you to check and confirm:

  • timeliness and completeness of wages, as well as the legality of other payments;
  • registration in accordance with labor legislation;
  • the possibility of extending the license;
  • registration of transaction documentation and all document flow in accordance with all applicable laws;
  • procedures for compiling and submitting a VAT return;
  • implementation of the recommendations of the inspection bodies, responses to inspections;
  • the status of archiving documents for future reviews;
  • development of model policies in accordance with changes in legislation;
  • availability of a published audit report with assessments, categories of risks, compliance with legal provisions and consequences.

A comprehensive audit from Atton Consulting partners will allow your company to maximize the disclosure of information about the state of the business, current trends, potential threats and negative factors. Through a comprehensive study of the state of affairs of your company, you will be able to adjust forecasts, plans, goals and discover new opportunities for growth. At the consultation of our company managers, you will receive more information about the benefits of a compliance audit for you!

What is the difference between a compliance audit and a financial statement audit?

The purpose of a compliance audit is to determine the health and effectiveness of the installed system and controls, and the degree of compliance. This is a more complex type of audit than an audit of financial statements.

An audit of financial statements must be conducted by a firm that employs certified public accountants (CPAs). And which has no financial interests in the audited company, i.e., is completely independent of it. The purpose of the audit of financial statements is to examine the records, presentation of financial documents and form an opinion on the state of the financial statements as a whole.

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