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Audit services in Dubai, the UAE

Audit services in Dubai, the UAE are in demand both in the FEZ (Free Economic Zones) and on the mainland. According to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, all companies must conduct audit of accounts and balance sheet - in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and other Emirates. Audit, tax and advisory services in the UAE are the domain of professional consulting firms. Your company can get the best external audit services in Dubai from Atton Consulting partners. Certified auditors of financial services, accounting and auditing services, proactive and comprehensive audit, as well as related consultations, organization of outsourced business processes - together with partners we offer each client everything necessary for the full operations of the business.

Audit services are the most important condition for a company's stable position in the market. They help prevent uncontrolled expenses, identify inconsistencies in financial statements, and serve to verify the information on the financial status of the firm. Atton Consulting partner guarantees the qualified approach to the provision of audit services. Our partners are licensed financial auditors, responsible for audit services in Dubai.

Types of audit and audit services:

Type of audit


Internal audit

Carried out by company employees who are responsible for internal audit. One of the goals of such audit is the preparation of accounts and reporting for an external audit.

Tax audit

Verification of tax returns, accuracy of information and calculated tax

Compliance audit

Checking the work order of a unit, service, department to determine the degree of compliance with regulations

Construction audit

Verification of costs incurred on a construction project

Financial audit

Checking the financial statements of the company, carried out by an independent certified public accountant (CPA)

Operational audit

Reconciliation of the processes of goal-setting, planning, organization and control of the company's activities

External audit

Audit conducted by specialist auditors who are not employees of the company

The auditing services package from Atton Consulting partners is compiled depending on the required volume of audit services, the type of company's activity, and accounting requirements. The determining factor is the type of audit:

According to Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies in the UAE» every company must have an auditor licensed by the Ministry of Economy.

Why you should seek audit services from Atton Consulting partners

Atton Consulting partners have many years of experience in conducting audits. Team of professional auditors provide services of any level and type of audit. Our partnership service has proven to be reliable, many clients work with our partners for audit services on a regular basis.

The services of audit firms in the UAE are in demand in the following cases:

  • confirmation of reporting, financial documentation, reliability of data, which is important for further business planning;
  • necessity for substantiated reporting for investors, banks, partners and other stakeholders;
  • strengthening the company's reputation as the trustfull and professional player in the market;
  • compliance with legal requirements;
  • confirmation of the effectiveness of the company's internal control.

Audit from Atton Consulting partners will provide your business with the confidence in the proper quality of accounts, accounting, reporting and control. Our partners will assess the accounting system and its relevance to current business tasks with the appropriate degree of accuracy. Together with partners we will confirm the reliability of your company's financial information based on a review of the documentation, as well as make recommendations for bettering inconsistencies. The partner team will ensure the clarity of financial docs, which is important both for the management of the company, as well as for its shareholders and investors. With us, you can be confident in the state of your accounts to be in full compliance with the law.


Are audit services mandatory in the UAE as well??

Auditing services should be used by all companies registered on the mainland or in the FTZ (Free Trade Zone), for confirmation and provision of information to third parties, such as banks or partners. Experienced professional partners of Atton Consulting participate in the provision of accounting services. The audit is carried out by partner firms in compliance with the requirements of the law, which guarantees the absence of distortions, confirms the accuracy of the information displayed. Our expert partners will conduct an audit in full compliance with the regulations and make sure that the accounting procedures, as well as the results of the audit of your company, tally with market changes, taking into account the interests of all the related parties.

Should I make an audit to file my tax return?

Auditing Services can help your company organize its accounting records to accurately reflect information in tax filing documents. Audit and related audit services are designed to ensure compliance with the law when calculating tax dues and refunds. Audit and consulting services from Atton Consulting partners is the guarantee that tax documents and reports will be approved and timely and properly filed / submitted to the tax department.

What is the difference between external and internal audit?

An internal audit is carried out throughout the year, and internal control and the accounting system are assessed. Based on the results of the audit, the auditors make recommendations to help the on company's operations efficiency. Reports prepared by internal auditors are intended for the purpose of optimizing management and making managerial decisions. External audit is carried out by independent professional auditors who are not employees of the firm. External auditors prepare audit reports that assess the degree to which the financial statements comply with the requirements of reliability, fairness and truthfulness. In addition to external and internal audits, professional partner auditors provide corporate, tax, financial, compliance, statutory audit services in Dubai, and internal audit advisory services.

How long does an audit typically take?

Typically, auditing services take 2 to 4 weeks. The duration of the audit will depend on its scope, the availability of records, documentation and the level of accessibility of information from the company's management.

Can I be sure about confidentiality of information provided within auditing services?

Complete confidentiality of information is provided for by the Accountants and Auditor's Code of Ethics, the relevant items are reflected in a contract between the client and the company providing audit services. Information may be disclosed only in exceptional cases, when required by law.

Why do we need auditing services of the financial statements?

Auditing services will provide confidence in the company's financial statements, which reduces reputational risks. The management of the company receives confirmed information, which serves as the basis for making management decisions. After the audit of financial services, the interaction with banks and other financial institutions also considerably enhances.

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