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Tax Calculator – Best Online Service for Calculating your Tax in the UAE

The UAE is a country famous for its zero tax rates. However, there have been some changes recently in the tax laws of the county. The UAE and other countries of the GCC have decided to introduce the VAT from January 2018. The UAE government had been preparing for this change for two years before the implementation in January of 2018, and for that, the Federal Tax Authority was created in 2016 by the decree of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE. The percentage of the new tax in the country is 5% (average value in GCC region). So there arise new questions: “How can I calculate my estimated tax, on an item, when purchasing something in Dubai?”, or “Are companies in free zones levied with this tax, and what is the amount of goods to be declared to municipal tax authorities?”. We will help you with these issues. Find out your expenses and calculate them with our new effective online tax calculator. We have changed the calculation formula in the tax calculator on our website according to the latest added norms in the taxation system of the UAE.

So how is VAT tax calculated in the UAE? There is a standard tax rate of 5%, and some types of businesses that have a special tax bracket with zero rates (real estate, medical services, transport). This tax is calculated at different stages of goods manufacturing and is included in the final price of the product. The Federal Tax Authority is responsible for regulating all issues related to the collection of taxes, for auditing tax declarations and determining the tax liabilities of the UAE residents and non-residents and those who owed this tax. Our free online tax estimator/calculator will be useful both to private persons and limited liability companies (LLC) in the UAE.

How to estimate taxes with an online tax calculator?

A team of our developers has created the best free online tool – the quick personal tax calculator. One can use this service to calculate the tax rate, the money to be paid. Although the residents and non-residents of the UAE are exempt from the majority of the taxes to local budget (income tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, tax on dividends and interest), VAT with the basic rate of 5% (this is a marginal tax rate) was implemented by the local authorities since January 2018. Our easy to use fast tax rate calculator will help you not to overpay and to check your approximate tax duties. You just have to add the minimum amount of goods/services sold/provided before and indicate your tax rate (average – 5%, exempt – 0%), and our calculator will show you the calculated value of the tax. We guarantee that our tax calculator will prevent you from making any mistakes in your tax declaration and will secure its accuracy. Do not look for an alternative, use our service.

How does our tax deduction calculator work? If you don’t know how much money you have to pay or you are a tourist and have any doubts concerning tax rebate after you bought some products here, our worked out tax calculator will be very helpful to you. This online service shows how much money you will owe to pay to the local tax authority. Our service will show you tax charged in the UAE within a few seconds.

Due to its taxation system (zero rates) and exemption of duties, the UAE provides great advantages for investment and for doing business. There are no taxes and fees on capital withdrawal as well as taxes on dividends and interest, so it’s extremely beneficial to keep your savings in local banks. The business registration procedure is quick, easy and cost-effective, so you can really cut your expenses by getting a business license in one of the local free zones. This country has become the choice of many modern entrepreneurs interested in the extension and further development of their businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional engaged into some kind of activity in the UAE, or you are a tourist and want to estimate your VAT tax allowance, get in touch with our company and use our to tax and title calculator to find out your tax value. We will help you to avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings. We did our best to provide our customers with the best online tax calculator for Dubai, the UAE. If you have any questions on how to calculate the tax rate, contact us, and we will gladly help you.