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Transportation in UAE – Useful Info about Airports and Local Transport

The developed transport infrastructure of this country promotes the development of business and tourism in this country.

It will take you about 8 hours to get to the UAE from almost any country of the world. There are airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. The authorities are permanently looking for the ways to extend the airports as the passenger traffic is increasing and improve their infrastructure.

As soon as you reach the UAE, you have several options of getting around. If you don’t want to depend on anyone, the option you might consider is renting a car. It will cost you from 30 to 300$ a day depending on the type of a car and will allow you to move freely around the Emirates. Prices for petrol are lower than in many other places of the world. Highway Code is clear and easy to follow.

The United Arab Emirates are known for their innovative approach to things – in 2017 it was announced that the authorities plan to launch a magnetic cushion train that will link Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is estimated that it will reach its destination within 2 hours and 12 minutes covering 159.4 km. The state is currently working on the development of the independent railway network “Emirates Railway.”

Going from one end of the city to another one by taxi will cost you approximately 100 dirhams. Water taxi is another option you might consider.

Buses in Dubai are comfortable, modern and air-conditioned. The bus fare is paid directly to the driver at bus stops. In the main districts of the city, there are night buses, too.

The Dubai metro is composed of 47 stations. The fare depends on the duration and type of your ride. To pay your metro fare you can use a smart Nol Card which can be topped up in one of the payment terminals. Nextto every metro station, there is a bus stop which is very convenient. Currently, there are two lines (red and green), two more are under construction and two more planned.

If you are staying in a hotel, you might also rent a limousine. A professional driver will take care of your comfort and timely arrival to any place you want.

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