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Sales & Excise Tax Calculator in the UAE

Sales Tax Calculator in the UAE – Multi-purpose Tool for Quick Tax Estimation

Taxes is one of the most simple and effective ways to fill the national budget of any country. Taxes can be imposed on local profits, inheritance, sales, and retail of various product groups, reals estate property, value-added tax (VAT), etc. However, there are some countries that do not seek to fill the budget by increasing the number of charges and their rates. It is this “reverse” approach that the leadership of the United Arab Emirates uses. Considering that the legislation of a particular country may provide for rather complex taxation schemes with varying percentage, as well as “discounts” which are estimated depending on various factors, there are quite a few free online tax calculators on the Internet that can help you to find out the rate and calculate the amount of money before and after taxation quickly and easily staying at home. How to use it? You simply enter your data and in a few seconds get a result – a total amount of tax to be paid.

Searching on the Internet, you can find quite a lot of information about the UAE as a tax-free country. This feature more than anything else contributed to the rapid growth of the country's popularity among expats and foreign investors. Do they really have no taxes at all? Let's figure that out. Indeed, the UAE have no taxes, which are typical for us, such as those on profits, inheritance, sales, dividends, etc., they have a zero rate. However, there are areas where taxes exceed 50% (oil production and refining and the financial sector). But, foreign investors rarely get access to these types of activities, so this amount will not be added to the total cost of doing business, and there is no need to worry about that. The United Arab Emirates is still an excellent country for registering a company and a country the tax policy of which is completely loyal compared to other countries. There are certain features of taxation, for example, those relating to renting and buying/selling of real estate. Do you need to pay any taxes? How to find that out, and if so, what are the rates? You can find out about it with our new online calculator.

How to calculate sales taxes with our calculator?

So how to find out your tax rate when buying or selling real estate property in the UAE (sales tax)? How much money will I pay and how to calculate it? According to local law, the purchase and sales of real estate are subject to a one-time fee, which is 4% of the total amount of item. The law states that the buyer and the seller are required to pay it in equal shares. You do not need to fill out any special papers, just the amount of this tax plus the cost of housing. But the tax from the profit that you received, having sold an apartment or office, is not withdrawn at all. Rental of commercial and residential real estate is another source of the country's budget. The owner of the property is obliged to pay 5% of the value of his property annually, and at the same time, no additional papers are required. All this and other data is included in our sales tax calculator, which allows you to quickly and easily estimate sales taxes in the UAE.

Our specialists have developed a special tool, a tax calculator/estimator/finder, which allows you to find out your expenses, the price of a product before and the total value after taxation. On our website, you can find the contacts of our specialists (phone numbers, e-mail address, address and zip code), so if you have any difficulties with the use of our tool, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.