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Quality of Service in the UAE – Useful Facts for Travelers and Permanent Residents

Here is some useful info for foreigners planning to visit the country, to move to the UAE and to do business there. Hospitality, generosity, and kindness to strangers and newcomers are inherent features of the UAE culture. It runs deep in the society, thus, as a traveler or even as a permanent resident of the country you will be treated with great respect and attention.

The UAE is home to one of the best hotels and restaurants in the world. They are usually included or even top the lists of facilities with the best service. A recently published “Top Luxury Hotels & Brands” has awarded three accolades to the Raffles Dubai Hotel. The rating is based on the analysis of more than two million online reviews.

Hotels and restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are usually rated very high by their visitors on different online platforms such as TripAdvisor or booking.com. They praise the food, its abundance, and the overall quality of service, rooms, their décor and interior, their tidiness. Airport meets and greets services are also of high quality.

Restaurants serve a wide range of dishes from local cuisine to Mediterranean and European. Whatever you are looking for – a glimpse of Italy or a flavor of France – you will be able to find it in the United Arab Emirates. Chefs working in Dubai restaurant are typically internationally recognized professionals with established names and reputation. These are not simply places to eat – they are something much more – places to relax, enjoy the view and décor. Interiors are well-designed and thought over so that each particular restaurant immerses you into a certain mood and atmosphere.

Some of the restaurants and hotels have truly striking views and are situated on piers, or even underwater. As a guest or as a regular visitor, you will be always welcome, warmly greeted, well-fed and taken care of.

In shopping centers you will be surrounded by attention and be provided with qualified help and assistance throughout your shopping experience. Overall, the UAE is a great place for people who are looking a place to relax and a great choice of a country to reside in from the point of view of service quality.

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