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Real Estate & Property Purchase Tax Calculator in the UAE

Property Tax Calculator in Dubai – Best Online Service for Calculating your Tax

Taking a decision to buy a real estate in foreign countries is a very wise step. Purchasing land and real estate property for rental, to open a school here or just your new home, has a large number of undeniable advantages. This country is one of the most secure and prosperous in the world, but purchasing residential real estate with the estimated price of more than 1 million dirhams gives you as a homeowner an opportunity to obtain a residence visa in the UAE. In its turn, a residence visa enables you to enjoy the local benefits of the UAE. Local rates are zero in the UAE for individuals and legal entities. Moreover, there is no tax on dividends and interest. Free trade zones of the UAE do not apply any fees on import and export. In order to estimate your annual commercial gain tax in this country, you can use our calculator/estimator.

So, how to calculate property taxes in Dubai, the UAE? There is no direct property tax here, but the purchaser is expected to pay a one-time fee of 4% of commercial real estate cost when buying a new home and selling the property for investment. As for property renting in the UAE, a tenant is obliged to pay a fixed percentage of 5% from the contract value for residential property. Therefore, many investors are highly interested in purchasing property in the United Arab Emirates. Capital gain taxes are collected monthly automatically, and no declaration is required. With our online tool you can find out the amount of the property tax in the UAE we have included such costs as the indirect tax charged on the property income in it.

The legislation of other countries is not so lenient, and property capital gains tax calculators for them are much more complicated and include the direct tax on the income from the sale of the property. Rates can vary from country to country. All citizens of a particular country are subject to tax, which means that they have to fill in their declarations annually. Many people find submitting declarations exhausting and challenging as well as defining the tax rate for buying a new home and investment property. So what to do? How to calculate your capital gains tax. If this is your case, you can calculate the required amount with us.

How to calculate property tax in the UAE?

We strive to provide the best online estimating tool for everyone to enable people to estimate property tax deduction and insurance on investment property for example. Our company with an office in Dubai (you can find our address, e-mail, phone numbers and zip code in the contacts section below) consists of a team of qualified professionals experienced in the field of taxpaying. Our property tax rate calculator has been developed by a group of specialists who used all their skills and knowledge to create a perfect capital gains tax estimator for UAE. So you have two options: calculate everything by yourself using property tax finders or other special tools or just use our estimator. If you want to calculate your long-term liability and increase the efficiency of your actions, choose the second option. Our online estimator is understandable and intuitive. If you have any questions concerning its work, contact our company, and our team of professionals will provide you with help and assistance.

No wonder that many entrepreneurs feel lost and confused when dealing with a tax deduction and net income having operations with real estate, selling and renting their property as homeowners. It is OK if you do not know how to calculate the property tax rate in Dubai, the UAE. Your work will become much more efficient if you entrust your personal tax calculation to the team of professionals with this task. They will help you with your real estate purchase, assessment of charges, refund, and tax returns, you provide monthly and yearly (annual and monthly reports). Get in touch with our company, and we will instruct you on how to calculate property tax or explain you the specifics of our online calculator.