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Outsource bookkeeping services from Atton Consulting: we provide your business with the best service

Why it is recommended to contact Atton Consulting for outsource bookkeeping services

Transferring the functions of accounting, auditing, reporting to third-party services allows you to optimize costs, redistribute financial and time resources, free up workspace and optimize the expenses for your company. Performing accounting tasks for your business in Dubai, Atton Consulting provides your management and staff with up-to-date information on the state of finances, legal requirements and all necessary documents. With us you will be able to pay more attention to core activities and business development.

Outsourcing of accounting and reporting is carried out remotely and does not require additional costs for maintaining the office, technical equipment, there is no need to install and update accounting software, there are no labor costs for your own accountants and tax specialists. In addition to external accounting support, Atton Consulting offers comprehensive consulting solutions in Dubai, including analysis of the state of various areas or the entire business as a whole, develops management solutions for risk management and business structuring.

Benefits of applying for outsource bookkeeping services to the outsourcing company Atton Consulting:

  • the best outsourced accounting services from professionals with unique experience in the UAE market;
  • offshore accounting services for various types of business, outsourcing of certain areas in accounting or reporting for corporations in Dubai;
  • outsourcing of accounting services, auditing and reporting for small businesses, with any volume of transactions and tax status;
  • average market pricing for bookkeeping outsourcing - we provide quality services at a decent cost;
  • thanks to consulting services from Atton Consulting professionals, your company will get new opportunities to increase revenues and scale your business.

Our target market in Dubai is small and medium-sized companies that apply for a virtual service in terms of accounting and taxes. As well as a large corporate business that practices the involvement of specialists from the consulting company Atton for external professional advice.

What does outsource bookkeeping services from Atton Consulting include?

Outsource bookkeeping services serve as the optimal solution replacing hiring permanent or employees on the basis of the part-time employment. Since our service include all necessary procedures and activities:

  • full adjustment of accounting to comply with the requirements, norms of legal acts and the correct reflection in the accounting of the company's operations;
  • selection of an accounting system in accordance with the type of business and sectoral affiliation, reporting;
  • processing and analysis of information in close cooperation with the client;
  • application of legislative acts only in the latest, up-to-date version;
  • observance of deadlines, reporting forms, the procedure for the formation of primary documents and summary statements / balance sheets;
  • ensuring the fulfillment of obligations by the client's company, both to contractors and partners, and to the state;
  • access to information on the financial condition of the business and the current state of affairs.

You no longer have to worry about the complex issues of setting up your business infrastructure when a team of professionals take care of them. We guarantee the efficiency of business processes outsourced to Atton Consulting in Dubai.

When to use outsource bookkeeping services

If the scope of your business does not require the organization of an accounting service or even hiring an accountant, as well as in cases where the qualifications and experience of your employees are not enough to ensure proper quality, you can contact the professional outsourcing company Atton Consulting.

Bookkeeping in a remote format is a high-quality service, using up-to-date accounting applications and complying with the documentation forms recommended by government departments. This is the accuracy of the reflection in the accounting of your operating activities and the timely preparation of reports. If you want to be ready at any time for inspections by regulatory authorities, entrust your business processes to outsourcing professionals with many years of experience in the UAE market.

Outsourcing of accounting, auditing and reporting from Atton Consulting professionals in Dubai is new benefits, opportunities and prospects for your business!


Why is outsource bookkeeping services important in the UAE?

Delegating accounting services to outsourcing is a widespread practice in the business environment of the United Arab Emirates. The requirements of regulators for the formation of reporting and accounting procedures in the UAE are enshrined in law and are regularly checked by regulatory authorities. Accounting and related business processes are quite difficult to set up on your own, without qualifications and experience. Therefore, accounting, reporting, auditing, taxation and filing of VAT returns are recommended to be subcontracted to specialized companies. Atton Consulting specializes in outsource bookkeeping services, tax and other consultations, so we can offer the best comprehensive service package for your business.

What are the benefits of outsource bookkeeping services for my company?

You can seek advice from the outsourcing company Atton Consulting to find out exactly what benefits your company will have when contacting us for professional outsource bookkeeping services. Our experts will study your business and prepare a customized, comprehensive virtual subcontracting proposal. Among the main advantages are the guaranteed compliance with accounting and taxation regulations, complete paperwork, freeing your company from the worries of setting up accounting and filing a declaration. We provide communication services with government agencies, help to understand the nuances of legislation, and avoid mistakes and inconsistencies.

Who can contact Atton Consulting for outsource bookkeeping services?

We can be engaged by companies with any type of business activity, regardless of location (mainland or free zone) and volume of turnover. We work with small and medium-sized businesses of various industries and provide high-quality accounting in accordance with business activity (industrial type licenses, commercial, professional). Our experts will analyze the type of your business and offer the best option for setting up an accounting system, which will help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

How do I know if I should go for outsource bookkeeping services?

You can reduce the cost of staffing and accounting services if:

  • the volume of your business does not require the organization of your own accounting service or hiring an accountant;
  • when the qualifications and experience of your employees are not enough to ensure proper quality;
  • you want your documentation, reporting and the procedure for reflecting the transaction in accounting and strictly comply with the regulations.

For outsource bookkeeping services, you can contact the professional outsourcing company Atton Consulting. We will take care of all the burden of bookkeeping and calculation of taxes due.

What other services, besides outsource bookkeeping services, can I get from Atton Consulting?

We offer not only outsource bookkeeping services, reporting and taxes. Our comprehensive consulting proposals include solutions of any complexity, for a multi-directional business, regardless of its size. Our tax consultants will provide communication with ministries and government departments, register your company as a payer on the FTA, help calculate VAT and file tax declarations. Our services include registration of companies, obtaining and renewing licenses, professional support for business processes, and much more.

Will I be able to access my company's remote accounting and be sure of data security?

Atton Consulting will provide open access to information about the accounting of your business, the financial state of the company and individual business processes that have been outsourced to us. All reporting before submission to government organizations is preliminarily confirmed with the client and submitted after client approval. You can learn about how exactly you can set up the interaction of your company with Atton Consulting at a consultation with our managers.

How much does accounting outsourcing cost?

The cost of outsourcing accounting services depends on their nature. Some of the services offered include: accounts receivable and accounts payable management, record keeping of all types of transactions, reconciliation of all bank and cash statements. Comprehensive services are always more cost-effective

Will I be able to outsource bookkeeping while being abroad?

You can contact Atton Consulting for remote service if your company is registered in the UAE, regardless of your physical location.

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