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International Company Formation and Support in the UAE

More and more entrepreneurs think about how to implement their business ideas effectively and how to develop their companies. The possibility of tax optimization and exploration for the most profitable investment areas are among the main issues of concern for private entrepreneurs and company owners. Practice shows that the registration of international companies in tax-free jurisdictions remains one of the most effective tools to address these issues. So in this article, we consider the topical issues of company formation, legal aspects of company formation and features of this process in the UAE.

Company registration in the tax-free jurisdiction is an important component of the successful functioning of a foreign company. Taking into account the importance of this initial stage of company development, the experts recommend asking for the support of qualified professionals. Only experienced professionals can find the optimal solution considering the initial data and requirements of your company.

International company formation in UAE

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There is no single registry of foreign companies in the UAE (with company names and general information about them). Every free zone and every Emirate has own registrar authorities. Most often foreigners choose free zones for company formation since these areas were established to develop certain types of business and provide some preferences. Foreign companies, as a rule, are allowed to open branches in free zones, and such branches are not subject to the requirement of a local agent (a foreigner can have a 100% ownership of such a company).

The legislation in each free zone allows registering of foreign companies existing and operating outside the scope of the Law on Companies, and which do not require the participation of the national partner of the UAE. This means that a foreigner can be a single owner of this company. Opening a branch in a free zone or registering a company goes through the administration of the corresponding free zone. Free zones usually guarantee the absence of corporate taxes and income taxes for a certain time. In fact, foreign companies operating in the free zone are considered as offshore or foreign companies for non-export purposes, and these companies are not allowed to conduct business within the rest of the UAE unless following the rules applied in the mainland to foreign companies. The sales made by free zone companies to customers within the UAE are subject to normal import duties.

International company formation and support – legal framework

So, how to register an international business company and what are the legal aspects of the company registration process, let’s take a look at that. Registration of this type of company and the further support of this company are carried out by the norms of corporate law of the country of company registration. It is not a secret that many jurisdictions offer a friendly investment climate and a relatively soft state system of taxation for local companies. However, you must make the right choice of the legal form of the registered company in order to take advantage of all the privileges and possibilities of the applicable legislation.

Our company has many years of experience in company formation and experienced specialists for the implementation of all your ideas and plans on expanding your company and promoting it to a new level. Our clients can count on the following list of services for the registration and legal support of the foreign companies:

  • Choice of the appropriate jurisdiction in accordance with the objectives and features of your company;
  • Registration and support of companies in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Registration of offshore companies, trusts, and holding formations;
  • Consultancy support of company owners in matters of taxation and licensing of the entrepreneurial activity;
  • Modeling of the company structures and tax planning;
  • Legal consultations and legal support of a company (for any type of company);
  • Registration of the corporate accounts in foreign banks and credit institutions for local companies;
  • Nominee services (nominee shareholders and managers), and services of the local secretary or agent for local companies;
  • Registration of the virtual office service for a local company;
  • Translation and the subsequent legalization (apostille) of the incorporation and other documents for a local company.

We are ready to provide the maximal assistance on the questions of a visa application for the shareholders and employees of a company. If you have any questions regarding registration and support of a company abroad, contact our experts and get professional advice. The help of a professional is the key to success and further growth of your company.

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