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List of Existing Taxes for Small Business

Small businesses often have it tough. The competition is high and entrepreneurs have to do something truly remarkable to fly level. It is easier to do business in some countries of the world while the governments of the others do nothing to facilitate the lives of small business owners. Small business taxes and small business tax rate depends on the type of the company’s activity and kind of business ownership. Individuals own the majority of small businesses. Therefore, the tax is paid by business owners as their personal tax return.

What does it mean? This means that the small business tax rate is predetermined by all forms of income received by the business owner not only the income of the business. If the small business you own is a corporation, its owners pay income tax for the people working for them as well as dividend income tax. However, they are not taxed on the corporation’s profit.

Corporation Tax for Small Business

The rate of small business taxes depends on the legislation of a particular country. Typically, tax declarations are filled in and submitted on a yearly basis. When it comes to submitting your tax declaration, the procedure will be slightly different for legal entities which are corporations and businesses run by individual owners. However, you’ll have to collect your records and fill in the form before the deadline in both cases.

Small business tax deductions can be calculated individually or with the help of a professional who is working in this field. Small business expenses refer to money spent to help a business carry on. These can be both personal and capital expenses. Typically, small business expenses list includes the costs required to run your business. This is money you spend to launch a company, keep it going and make all necessary improvements. As for personal expenses, it is much harder to deduct them but if something was used both for business goals and personal purposes the expenses have to be split.

There are countries where small business corporation tax is not imposed on business owners. These are countries like the UAE known as “tax haven.” Income and corporate taxes as well as tax on dividends and interest are not levied here. Therefore, there is no need to calculate corporation tax for small business.

Small business tax rate in other countries depends on the income of an individual owner, profit of the corporation and a number of other factors. Normally, small business deductions list encompasses the expenses of the company, salaries of the employees working for a company, the work of contractors (if there are any), expenses necessary to rent an office, utility bills and supplies, insurance and finally country and local taxes.

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