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Inheritance & Gift Tax Calculator in the UAE

Inheritance and Gift Tax Calculator for the UAE – Best Online Free Tool for Expats.

The UAE is a very attractive country regarding taxes. There are no taxes typical for the majority of people around the world: no income taxes, taxes on dividends, gifts, etc. It is thanks to this feature this eastern country has become so popular among foreign investors and a variety of specialists. As for the rules of inheritance and gifts in the UAE, there are specific rules differing from those of the countries of the Western world; many people used to. Thus, after the death of an expat (non-muslim), his/her of assets are treated according to the public laws and the laws of the UAE. In most cases, the Sharia law is the main basis of legislation in matters of succession. How not to get lost in these features of local legislation and properly assess inheritance taxes? For this purpose, our specialists have developed a special online tool – inheritance tax interest calculator.

Often, expats coming to Dubai do not deal with the issue of making a will and do not know that, without this document, the asset transferring process to their relatives in most cases will be guided by the laws of Sharia, which differs from traditions and customs in their own culture. This means that the country will be able to make a decision about what shares from your property will get the members of your family. The following question is also of great importance: “How much will I pay for the inheritance of my funds and real estate?” As a rule, in most cases, the inheritance tax rate in the UAE is zero, but there may be some nuances, and in order not to face an unpleasant surprise in the design of the inheritance, we recommend that you use our inheritance tax calculator – it is completely free.

How to calculate inheritance tax with our online calculator that considers all the features of local legislation?

According to the UAE, Personal Status Law, non-citizens (and non-muslims) may require their home country laws to be applied to matters such as inheritance. However, the interpretation of various foreign laws and their application to a specific case of inheritance turns out to be a complex and confusing task, while the provisions of the Shariah give the judiciary clear guidelines. Making a will helps you avoid potential problems with inheritance clearance. Trust funds are also actively used here to protect assets; typically they are opened in specialized free zones, such as the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

The registration of will covering Dubai assets and real estate costs 10,000 dirhams. The statement of the will has a fixed value of 5,500 dirhams and, unlike other countries, is not defined as a percentage of the value of the property. They do not apply inheritance tax on the assets in the UAE. As for the gifts, the same zero tax rate rule is applied. How to calculate federal inheritance and gift tax? Use our free online calculator! Feel free to contact our specialists; they will consult you on the features of local laws and help you with your problem.