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Certified external audit services from Atton Consulting partners

The need for an external audit in Dubai: professional services from Atton Consulting partners

The Atton Consulting partners offer independent external audit services. The stage of checking financial statements is the most responsible for the management and for the company as a whole, especially when it comes to preparation for filing with government departments or investors. External audit and corporate governance are connected by the need for a reliable assessment of finances, confirmation of information about the state of the company, which is important for further business development.

Primary consideration of indicators may indicate an increase in profits, at the same time, the company incurs large expenses for various reasons. To put together the whole picture that reflects reality, you need a fresh look from an independent auditor - partner of Atton Consulting. His professionalism and experience will help to find the causes of negative trends, build ways out of the crisis and find additional reserves for growth.

Applying for external audit services is dictated by the requirements of the legislation of the Emirates. In accordance with the Law on State Companies No. 02 of 2015, all enterprises registered in the UAE undergo a mandatory audit. Financial statements must be kept for at least five years. Companies registered in SEZs do not require an external audit.

The government seeks to be sure that transactions of any company in different sectors of the economy are reflected in the accounting uniformity. This helps to reduce macroeconomic risks and adjust government targets. An external auditor is a specialist who will raise the quality of your reporting to a new level.

He will take on:

  • collection and processing of information about the company and business;
  • development of an audit strategy;
  • regulation of external audit procedures;
  • identification, analysis and assessment of risks to which the business is exposed;
  • verification of financial statements;
  • preparation of an audit report, including the development of proposals and recommendations for improving the financial condition;
  • consulting support at all stages of the provision of audit services;
  • discussion of audit results with company management.

Atton Consulting partners provide the most detailed information about the audit. You will receive answers to all questions, starting with the first free consultation. Find out from our managers what benefits an audit of the financial statements of your business will bring!

External Audit: Additional Benefits

Atton Consulting partners have many years of experience in the market of professional audit services. They guarantee high quality, which is ensured by the qualifications, knowledge and experience of specialists. Turning to our partners for services, you will receive:

  • full compliance with state laws;
  • increasing confidence in the company after a successful external audit;
  • confirmation of the reliability of information, transparency of reports, accuracy of reflection of operations on accounts;
  • prevention of abuse and fraud;
  • new knowledge about your business obtained as a result of complex analysis;
  • identification of weaknesses with a recommendation to strengthen the position of the company, its management functions;
  • the ability to improve business efficiency, increase profitability, save resources.

Contact Atton Consulting and our partners for professional external audit services, the experience of certified public accountants will allow you to be confident in the correctness of the reports, the absence of distortions and errors.


Who can conduct an external audit in the UAE?

Conducting an external audit requires a license for the professional services of an auditor, as well as for the services of an accountant or tax consultant in the UAE. Partners of Atton Consulting have the appropriate licenses to provide professional services. You can get all the necessary information at the consultation with our managers!

What services do Atton Consulting external audit partners provide?

Сompany's external auditors review company records and issue an opinion on the reliability of financial statements. The reconciliation is carried out in accordance with the accounting standards applicable to the entity, such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

What are external audit services?

An external audit is the process of reviewing a firm's financial statements by an external auditor. The goal is to ensure transparency, reliability, accuracy of the company's financial reports and operations. External auditors in Dubai are accountants who work independently and do not work for the audited company. Our partner auditors have all the competencies and necessary qualifications, have certificates, professional training and sufficient experience in conducting external audits in a wide variety of companies. Find out about external audit services for your company at the consultation of our experts!

What are the external audit services?

The main external audit services in Dubai that our accountants provide are financial statement audit (attestation audit), operational audit and compliance audit. Our partners provide comprehensive services for the audit of financial statements of companies, such offers are always more profitable than the provision of individual services. Previously, our partner specialists can conduct an internal audit of the company, set up an accounting system, and bring it into line with the requirements of the law. Together with partners we will help you prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities and ensure that your activities are properly documented.

What documents are usually checked during an audit in Dubai?

These documents include:

  • payroll reports;
  • list of all bank accounts;
  • copies of the main legal documents of the company;
  • minutes of board meetings;
  • list and documentary confirmation of all transactions;
  • general ledger;
  • balance sheet of the company;
  • copies of loan documents, lease agreements and other material agreements.

How long does an external audit take?

The overall external audit process is usually lengthy and takes approximately three months. This includes four weeks of audit planning, four weeks of fieldwork the audit itself, and four weeks of audit reporting. Audit partners of Atton Consulting carry out audits in accordance with the regulations, during the audit accuracy, attentiveness and compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts are important. Therefore, the acceleration of the process is also undesirable, as well as stretching in time. With our help, you can not worry that all checks and reporting will be carried out in the proper manner and on time.

How much does an audit of a small company cost?

Services of Atton Consulting partners are aimed at serving small and medium businesses, the cost of an external audit for small businesses is determined by the accounting system and the complexity of your company's records. Get more accurate information about the price for auditing your business at a consultation with Atton Consulting managers.

Why should I seek the services of external auditors?

An external audit from Atton Consulting partners will help your management obtain up-to-date, verified and reliable information about the financial condition of the company. This will help to avoid errors in operational management, as well as to make informed and balanced management decisions.

Who conducts an external audit from Atton Consulting?

External audit is carried out by independent accountants (our partners). Objectivity, independence of judgments, regardless of influencing factors, are important here. Our external auditors and partners will confirm the financial statements of the organization using the most accurate assessment tools, analyze the status of the statements and prepare an objective report with sound recommendations. Based on the results of the audit, your reporting can be used for transfer to regulatory agencies, investors, shareholders and other users.

What types of audit are there?

There are three main types of audit: external, internal and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits.

In the UAE, firms registered in the local territory must conduct a mandatory audit. Companies in free economic zones are subject to the requirements and rules of their free economic zones.

Is an external audit mandatory in the UAE?

Applying for external audit services is dictated by the requirements of the legislation of the Emirates. In accordance with the Law on State Companies No. 02 of 2015, all enterprises registered in the UAE undergo a mandatory audit. Financial statements must be kept for at least five years. Companies registered in SEZs do not require an external audit.

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