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Dubai Taxes for Companies and Individuals – Useful info

This article will be useful for people who are planning to move to the UAE, or consider the opportunities for doing business in the UAE. The tax-free environment of the oil-rich United Arab Emirates is one of the key reasons why people consider it as a place to move to work in, do or register a business. Exemption of the majority of taxes in Dubai makes the state very attractive for investment and in terms of starting a business. Along with the overall ease of the procedures and a truly stimulating environment for entrepreneurs, Dubai is an excellent place for running a company.

The authorities of the UAE make no distinction between the locals and foreign citizens concerning tax exemption. This means that that as long as you have a tax residence in Dubai, the UAE you will be exempt from the same taxes as the native population.

There is no income or corporate taxes in Dubai, the UAE, no tax on interest or dividends. Both individuals and legal entities are exempt of them within the present tax system. Registering your company in one of the free trade zones (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah and Um Al-Qwain) you will be also exempt from the import and export taxes. Free trade zones are areas with a specific taxation system, import and export mode. There are about 40 free trade zones in the United Arab Emirates, many of them are located in Dubai, business and financial centre of the state.

How to become a Dubai tax resident, UAE?

The procedure is quite easy and straightforward. You have to spend at least 180 days within the country. The days of your stay can be counted retrospectively and added. In order to become a tax resident you have to get a resident visa, this can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Buying real estate in Dubai, the UAE;
  • Registering a company in one of the Emirates of the UAE;
  • Working under the UAE jurisdiction.

However, before planning to become a Dubai tax resident of the United Arab Emirates, you’d better carefully study Double Tax treaties. You might be exempt from taxes in the UAE but still remain the taxation subject in the jurisdiction of the country of your permanent residence.

Corporate Taxes are levied on the companies involved in oil extraction as well as on foreign banks and their branches.

Dubai taxes regulations are very favorable ones and are combined with the clear procedure of receiving residency status. UAE is the great solutions for those who are internationally oriented and value the high level and safety of living with high level of mobility thanks to country’s perfect location and excellent global transport connections.

In order to simplify the procedure of getting residency visa and tax residence in the UAE, you can contact us and we would provide you with comprehensive support.

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