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Dubai Land Department (DLD) – the real estate market regulator of the Emirate

Dubai Land Department (DLD) was established way back in 1960 and since then it has been invariably regulating the rules in the rapidly growing real estate market of the UAE. The department is part of the Dubai Executive Council.

Here, we will provide you in detail about what it is, the branches it consists of, the functions it performs and the services it offers for residents and non-residents. So let's start!

Dubai real estate market supervision

As we have already mentioned, DLD has been supervising the real estate industry in the Emirate for over 60 years. After the introduction of new rules, according to which foreigners are allowed to acquire freehold rights to real estate in Dubai (the new rules were introduced in 2005), the department increased the number of purchase and sale transactions carried out several times, registering thousands and thousands of residential and commercial real estate projects in total.

From the very beginning, the primary task of department of land and property in Dubai was to make the Emirate one of the most attractive markets around the world with unique conditions and total customer care for investors. And they have succeeded with their affection plan! Close to zero tax rates, the ability of easy visa obtaining for investors and their families, stable and secure environment, simple and clear laws protecting all parties, a developed banking system and the service sector also contribute to this goal.

As for residency, they provide it to foreign investors, as well as to those who buy real estate property (you can read more about how to get a visa through the purchase of real estate here), as well as to their family members. Depending on the visa type, it is issued for a period of 3, 5, or 10 years with the possibility of extension, if the conditions for obtaining the document still remain.

Branches of Dubai Land Department

Below you can find the list of the main branches of DLD and a brief description of their activities:

  • REAL ESTATE REGULATORY AGENCY (RERA). This service regulates all real estate transactions and creates a legal framework for all market participants. The main task of this body is to protect the interests of all stakeholders in the Dubai real estate market. We will tell you more about the functions and services of RERA in the section below.
  • REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTION CENTER. The main objective of this center is to help in establishing a connection between clients (investors) and key players in the real estate market (sellers), as well as comprehensive support for short-term and long-term investments in local real estate sector.
  • RENTAL DISPUTES CENTER. The Rental Disputes Center is DLD's specialized body, that deals with any contentious issues related to the Emirate real estate market. It helps tenants and lessors to easily resolve disputes between themselves on a mutually beneficial basis.
  • DUBAI REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE (DREI). The main task of this organization is to popularize and disseminate information about the real estate market in the city. DREI also helps agents obtain a license so that they can work in the real estate market of the country.

Services offered by Dubai Land Department

And here is a list of the main services provided by DLD in the city:

  • Project registry;
  • Customer support;
  • Registration of developers;
  • Documentation and registration of transactions;
  • Online services;
  • Escrow accounts;
  • Grant services;
  • Legal services;
  • Registration of mortgage transactions;
  • Registration of memorandums of understanding (MOU);
  • Registration of new brokers and supervision of existing list;
  • Real estate appraisal;
  • Informing market participants about changes in the market;
  • Registration of real estate objects;
  • Real estate licensing;
  • Customer service in the office;
  • Maintenance of rental services;
  • Survey services;
  • Approving developer list;
  • Usufruct services (registration of various use rights to an object);
  • Other services related to the operation of the real estate market.

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) is a specialized body for regulating the real estate sector, a division of the DLD. The agency regulates and licenses real estate activities in Dubai.

The main task of this division is to develop and implement local real estate policy in order to increase the inflow of foreign investment. RERA acts as a subsidiary of the DLD and has the financial and administrative independence and the right to regulate the real estate sector of the Emirate.

The organization has created and regulates an online community of all the interested parties: investors, developers, buyers and other market participants (banks, insurance and consulting companies, etc.) so that they can interact with each other. Here are the main functions of this DLD unit:

  • licensing of the real estate market;
  • regulation of trust operations;
  • licensing of real estate agents;
  • certification of lease agreements;
  • supervision of owners' associations;
  • licensing of exhibitions in the real estate sector;
  • promotion and advertising of local real estate sector;
  • etc.

Informing about the current state of a property object in Dubai is also among the duties of RERA. All market participants must be informed whether the land plots are pledged, whether they are completed, put into operation, and so on, while Dubai Land Department does not disclose information about its clients in accordance with the adopted confidentiality policy.

Dubai Land Department mobile app

The introduction of innovative products, including online tools for users, is also the responsibility of the Dubai Land Department. Dubai REST is a dedicated application that provides the easiest and most convenient access to the main DLD services. Here are the main features of the IOS and Android app:

  • Registering the property ownership, and replacing the lost ownership certificate.
  • Request property appraisal (land and residential unit).
  • Access to all e-services of DLD units (Registration and Real Estate Services Sector, Real Estate Regulatory and Legal Compliance Agency).
  • Rent Dispute Resolution Center.
  • Real estate promotion and investment sector.
  • Dubai House Price Index Query – Mo'asher (Index is updated monthly).
  • A real estate guide with an overview of the developments in local real estate sector.

The availability of such a tool such as Dubai REST greatly simplifies the interaction of all clients with the DLD.

EJARI project

EJARI (“my rent” in Arabic) is a comprehensive online solution intended to facilitate the property renting process in Dubai. EJARI is a single platform for tenants, property owners, immigrants, urban planners and regulators. Analytical analysis based on EJARI data provides important information for assessing supply and demand in the real estate market and the rent index. With the help of this product, Dubai Lands Department implements the latest standards and requirements, increases the transparency of all procedures, simplifies and speeds them up.

The system is available to companies that manage real estate, lessors, and brokerage companies.

Over 800,000 property owners and tenants have concluded more than 2 million lease agreements with the help of EJARI over almost 9 years of the project's existence.

Emart (Link)

Another useful service from DLD. This online portal is developed to organize interaction between all the participants of the real estate market: those who put their property up for auction, buyers, brokers and other interested parties. The system makes it easy to find real estate objects put up for auction, as well as make purchase and sale transactions online without the need to visit the Dubai Land Department office.

DLD Blockchain

Due to their numerous advantages, blockchain-based products are already being applied in public administration in some countries around the world. The UAE government relies on modern technologies, trying to implement the best practices in its work and thus improve customer service. That is why Dubai Land Department has implemented blockchain-based products in its online system.

Thanks to this product, individuals will be able to make instant transactions 24/7 from any country, while providing an almost 100% reliability guarantee and protection against fraud, thanks to the features of distributed ledger technology.

You can learn more about the achievements of DLD through the implementation of its own blockchain in the following article: Dubai Land Department achieves a technical milestone with the adoption of Blockchain technology in cooperation with Smart Dubai and other partners.

Useful links:

The detailed and up-to-date information about the structure of the DLD, its services and news can be found on their official website address: Dubai Land Dept (gov)

DLD Contacts:

Phone: +971 – 8004488;

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dubai REST app:

Timings: Monday…Thursday: 7:30 am till 3:30 pm, Opening hours on Friday: 7:30 am till 12:00 pm;

Saturday, Sunday: days off

The call center working hours: Monday…Friday: 7:30 am till 3:30 pm

Here you can find the list of the offices of registration trustees (located in Barsha Mall, Emaar square, Dubai Mall and other places around the city): The list of trustees offices in the city