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Income Tax Calculator in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Income Tax Calculator – Best Online Service for calculation of your Income in UAE

No wonder that so many foreign professionals and entrepreneurs are thinking over the possibility of launching business or living in the UAE. The tax-free environment of the UAE facilitates the growth and further extension of a business. Besides, the state has a well-developed and safe banking system that works with regard to the highest international standards, which is essential for the prosperity of various companies in different niches. This section of our web site provide you with the tax calculator where you can check what is the tax you pay for your income received in the UAE.

Dubai Income Tax Calculator

If you are a working professional or a business owner in Dubai, the UAE, our company can be of great use to you. If you want to calculate your income in Dubai properly or are looking for a Dubai tax calculator, please use our tax calculator on our web site.

The UAE offers zero tax rates to the residents and non-residents of the state. Income and corporate taxes as well as taxes on dividends and interest are not imposed in the UAE. However, the UAE authorities have introduced the VAT tax in January 2018. You will be able to avoid any mistakes and misunderstandings in the tax calculations for your income in the UAE with the help of our Dubai income tax calculator.

Apart from VAT, there are also some minor taxes in the UAE and Dubai, in particular, including tourist dirham, municipality fee and departure tax. The rate of the departure tax paid at the Dubai airports is fixed and comprises 35 dirhams. Municipality fee is added to the utility bills paid by the residents of the UAE while the rate of the tourist dirham depends on the type of the hotel you stay in (from 7 to 20 dirhams).

In case you are residing and working in the UAE or have business here, our company is ready to help you with any issues related to Dubai your residency and on our web site you can use our free income tax calculation feature. We provide you with the Dubai tax calculator for counting your income and assist throughout the process of its calculation.