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Dubai Hotels Taxes – rates and top questions most people ask

5 things Every Traveler has to Know about a Hotel Tax in Dubai

So, you are thinking of a trip to Dubai. What is it going to be like – vibrant and adventurous or relaxed and peaceful? For an experienced traveler preparation for any trip typically begins with doing some research – you want to be sure that prices for accommodation are affordable, views are breathtaking, sights are thrilling, food is temptingly delicious, and things are as good as your tourist booklet says they are. So here you are with a cup of coffee going through some reviews on TripAdvisor when suddenly you come across this word combination: “Dubai Hotel Tax.”

Tourist Tax Calculator

What is it? Do you have to pay extra? When and who do you pay it to? How much is the hotel tax?

In this article we answer all of these puzzling questions in detail.

What is the Dubai hotel tourist tax?

March 31st, 2014 Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing introduced a hotel tax in Dubai. Now a traveler is expected to pay a kind of a “hospitality fee” also known as “tourism dirham” when staying at hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes and any other accommodation.

Why was the Dubai hotel tourist tax introduced?

The authorities explain that the tax was introduced to facilitate tourism and trade in Dubai, boost the growth of the industry, promote the Emirate as an attractive tourist destination and help it raise funds for the upcoming Expo 2020. However, the Dubai hotel tax is not a unique thing - the hotel tax is paid in many countries around the globe including USA, Spain, Italy, Austria etc.

How much is the hotel tax in Dubai?

The rate of the hotel tax in Dubai depends on the type of accommodation, class of the hotel and duration of your stay. It will normally range from AED 7 (1.95 $) to AED 20 (5.4 $) per night (7 Dirhams for a guesthouse, 20 Dirhams for a Deluxe hotel apartment). The exact prices are provided in the table below:

Hotel Category
Tourist Tax to be Paid
Five Star Hotel / Deluxe Hotel Apartment
20 Dirham (5.5 USD)
Four Star Hotel / Superior Hotel Apartment
15 Dirham (4.1 USD)
Three Star Hotel / Standard Hotel Apartment
10 Dirham (2.7 USD)
Budget Hotel / Guest House
7 Dirham (1.9 USD)

When is the Dubai hotel tax paid?

You are normally expected to pay the Dubai hotel tax when checking in or checking out. It is paid for every night of your stay. It will be included in your bill.

Are there any other hotel taxes in Dubai to be paid

On top of the tourist dirham there is the Dubai hotel tax of 10% which is also called Municipality Fee as well as 10% Service Charge. Remember that the Dubai hotel tax can also be referred to as the City Tax or Tourism Dirham.


Let’s sum things up:

  • The Dubai hotel tax is a kind of a hospitality fee you have to pay when staying in the city.
  • It was introduced by the Emirate in 2014 as a means of boosting the growth of the tourist industry.
  • It is comprised of the daily tax to be paid per room as well as 10% Municipality Fee and 10% Service Charge. All these charges are added to your bill.
  • The Dubai hotel tax (tourist dirham) is paid for every night of your stay.
  • The amount of the tourist dirham tax depends on the category of the hotel and its rating.

Although the Dubai hotel tax was adopted about two years ago, not all tourists are aware of it. June 1st, 2016 Abu Dhabi introduced a hotel tax, too. This has already been done by many tourist destinations around the world such as Catalonia and the Maldives, and more paces are yet to join.

Though the Dubai hotel tax makes a stay a little more expensive, it hasn’t frightened away or discouraged the tourists coming to the UAE. The beauty of the place, its comfort, combined with the all-year sun make your stay in Dubai unforgettable. However, when planning your trip, you have to remember about these additional expenses. Go ahead and enjoy your exciting experience in this amazing country.

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