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How to Obtain Tax Residency Certificate in UAE and What Advantages Does It Give?

What is a tax residency/tax domicile certificate?

First of all, we should present the definition of a tax residency certificate (sometimes also called tax domicile). The meaning of this document is as follows: tax liability is a set of rules that determine the size and type of taxes which have to be paid in the country where a person lives or a legal entity is registered. A tax liability/tax domicile certificate in Dubai, UAE is a document that confirms the legal tax status of a business (a company) or a private person, that is, the fact that this person makes a profit in the country and pays taxes to the local budget.

Dubai, UAE is among the most popular places for expats. The tax-free area provides great possibilities for work and business, besides this is one of the safest places in the world – a great place for living.

Why is a tax residency/tax domicile certificate required for those who live in Dubai?

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Let’s take a look at the advantages, that the tax liability/tax domicile certificate in Dubai, UAE gives to its owners. International experts identify some advantages that are provided in the United Arab Emirates with the tax resident/tax domicile status:

  • Safe and comfortable living for residents and members of their families;
  • High level of education and availability of the advanced educational institutions;
  • Tax privileges for those holding the tax resident status, including the legal persons;
  • Possibility to obtain visas for all family members;
  • Great perspectives for business development, etc.

Every person that lives and works here, or has own business should have a tax residency/tax domicile certificate of this country.

How to get tax residency/tax domicile certificate in the UAE?

Now we turn to the question of how to get a tax residency/tax domicile certificate in UAE. There are several simple but effective ways to obtain a tax resident status in Dubai, in particular:

  • Obtaining a visa by registering a local company;
  • Obtaining a visa by purchasing the real estate on the territory of the Emirate;
  • Visa approval on the basis of an employment contract.

Each of these methods has its own features and requirements, but in any case, you become a resident of a tax-free country. Let’s consider in detail the most popular ones.

This method can be divided into several sequential steps, which include the following operations:

  • Submission of application with all the relevant documentation;
  • Registration of a local company in the chosen jurisdiction (free trade zones with special taxation schemes);
  • Visa application for owners, company executives and members of their families.

As for the requirement of a tax liability/tax domicile certificate, it is necessary to provide the list of documents:

  • Copies of valid foreign passports;
  • Copy of marriage certificate;
  • Copies of birth certificate of children.

This set of documents is standard and can be extended depending on each specific situation.

Tax residency/tax domicile certificate in Dubai, UAE – conclusions

Residence permit or the status of a tax resident/tax domicile of the UAE is your guarantee of free residence, education, medical treatment, free entering and leaving the territory of the country. In the case of having the status of a tax resident, you get a whole set of indisputable advantages, ranging from the favorable climatic conditions and up to the preferential tax treatment. Now you can come to the United Arab Emirates whenever you need, and moreover, you can get an education, carry out work and do business in the territory of the country without the restrictions by the immigration authorities.

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