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Accounting and tax consulting services from Atton Consulting - the guarantee of the reliability of your business processes

Why is it important to seek the assistance of the professionals for accounting and tax advice? The UAE has established regulated accounting legislation. Prior to the introduction of the law, strict requirements for the accounting system were not practiced in the Emirates. However, the UAE market is characterized by a wide variety of business types and countries of origin. At the same time, the number of newly onboarding companies - via relocation or new registration, is constantly increasing. Approach to the accounting of operations and accounting systems vary greatly, which the over time began to cause discrepancies and additional clarifications requirements on the part of the regulatory agencies.

Currently, the accounting process in the country is formalized. Thanks to professional advice from accounting and financial consulting firms, legal norms quickly found their way into the business processes of companies.

Atton Consulting corporate tax accounting consultants will study your business, introduce you to relevant accounting and taxation tools. The main direction of our specialists is consulting support for the main accounting processes of the company. Taxation experts will ensure the preparation and submission of reports, quickly and on time with the correct package of documents. Certified tax consultants will provide information support and interaction with the tax authorities. With our consulting solutions, the financial performance of your business will demonstrate a steady positive trend!

Why you should contact Atton Consulting for accounting and tax advisory services

Atton Consulting has the team of professionals that has developed over many years of work. The scope of our business services lies in the provision of corporate services in the UAE. Our target audience is companies, business owners, individuals who are looking for solutions in matters of management, taxation, accounting. We provide information support for business processes, provide professional advice on taxation, accounting, anti-crisis management, and administration.

Excellent knowledge of the market and the legal framework of the United Arab Emirates allows us to act as experts in reporting, VAT calculation, interaction with regulators, banks, governing authorities and other parties. We will provide full support when registering a company, obtaining and renewing a license, opening visas and bank accounts.

Accounting and tax advice from our team serve as professional business support, helping to make strategic decisions and optimize the company's management. We offer individual outsourcing of business processes, taking into account the specifics of the activity and legal requirements. You do not have to understand the complexities of regulations, just contact us for advice and get comprehensive answers to any questions.

Pay attention to the advantages of our consulting offers:

Offers / opportunities for your business


Tax optimization

Maximum compliance with tax laws, individual development of proposals for a company of any size and type of business activity, disclosure of all advantages

Diverse range of tax solutions

According to client requests, in accordance with applicable international practice and best practices

Information consulting / support

Timely informing about changes in regulations, norms, requirements - everything related to the jurisdiction of the UAE

Contact an expert at any time

Answers to any questions, comprehensive consulting, finding solutions in difficult situations

Recommendations for improving business efficiency

Offers for outsourcing, professional project support, analysis and assessment of financial stand, audit services, international tax planning

The quality of our services is based on our own professional experience, however, we follow the trends of the audit and consulting services market, which has its recognized leaders. These are the famous Big Four.

Who are the Big Four Accounting and Auditing Firms?

The Big Four are well-known consulting companies in the professional auditing world: Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young and KPMG. They are the largest in their field and offer their own scope of accounting, consulting and auditing services. These include expert accounting solutions, accounting and related consulting services.

Some years ago, the list of leaders of audit firms was much wider - first the Big Eight, then the Six. By 2002, there were 4 most resistant to global market changes:

  1. Deloitte - has a history of almost two hundred years. It has 330 thousand employees and representative offices in 150 countries.
  2. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - appeared as a result of the merger of large predecessor companies in 1998. The number of employees is approximately 284 thousand in 157 countries of the world.
  3. "Ernst & Young" - the company in its modern version was formed as a result of several mergers. It has 300 thousand employees in 150 countries.
  4. KPMG (an abbreviation made up of the initial letters of the names of the founders of the company) - was also formed as a result of a merger in 1987. It has a staff of 227 thousand employees in 155 countries.

KPMG is headquartered in the Netherlands, the rest are based in the UK. Revenue per employee in 2021 for members of the TOP-4 audit firms amounted to $127-145 thousand. All these companies are famous for their high competence and quality of work. Today, the annual income of each of the members of the big 4 is estimated at $30-40 billion. Leading audit firms are an attractive place for employment of professional auditors, accountants and tax consultants.

Benefits of contacting Atton Consulting

Recognition and fame of the Big 4 companies inspire confidence and serve as a guarantee of the quality of work. However, contacting such major players in the global audit market is much more expensive than the services of accounting consulting firms with rich experience in the UAE. Atton Consulting, an accounting and tax advisory firm, has a team of skilled staff to help your business improve its performance in the Emirates market. Our services are provided by experienced certified experts:

  • tax accounting specialists;
  • consultants on tax returns;
  • leading value added tax consultants;
  • income tax consultants;
  • accounting and management consultants;
  • virtual tax consultants.

Our team is partnering with the best registered tax agents in Dubai. Contact the firm Atton Consulting and get tax advice in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other regions of the UAE


What is a business consulting firm? What are the services of Atton Consulting? Why should I use your services?

A consulting firm provides consulting services to businesses. Often this is a complex service. For example, Atton Consulting will offer you not only consultations, but also accounting and tax outsourcing, business process restructuring, risk management, and much more. Our experts will analyze the financial condition of the company, determine the causes of losses, and offer options to reduce costs and increase profits.

Who provides allround professional services, including tax advice?

Professional consulting services in the complex are provided by certified audit companies. For example, Atton Consulting offers its clients in the UAE a package service, which includes the solution of tax issues, outsourcing of accounting, administration and other relevant business areas Tax consulting, accounting, anti-crisis analysis in Atton Consulting are carried out by certified experts-consultants and accountants. Contact our managers and find out about profitable offers that are best suited for your company.

What is the difference between an auditor, an accountant and a tax advisor?

Auditor - a person who reviews the financial statements and financial activities of a company.

Accountant is an accounting specialist working on an accounting system in accordance with applicable law.

Tax advisor is a person who is qualified and knowledgeable in tax law. The services of a tax consultant are usually used to optimize reporting and taxation.

At Atton Consulting you will receive professional services from any of these professionals. We offer our clients allround service on the most favorable terms.

Who are the Big Four in the world of accounting? And why is Atton Consulting better for my business?

These are the four largest accounting firms in the world: Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young and KPMG. The most famous corporations in the field of consulting. Unlike large-scale and universal global audit giants, Atton Consulting specializes in outsourcing for small and medium-sized businesses. Among our advantages are a more affordable cost, work in the English and German-speaking business segments. As well as flexibility - we easily adapt to changing conditions, quickly answer questions and find solutions. Our consultants will preliminarily set up your accounting in accordance with the regulations and type of business. They are well versed in UAE law and will provide your business with tailor-made guidance to comply with the legal requirements.

What services can a certified public accountant provide in addition to tax advice?

A certified accountant from Atton Consulting will provide full or partial outsourcing of accounting, accounting consulting, random verification of documents and accounts, accounting consulting. Contact certified consultants for a solution and get recommendations based on practical experience!

Where do I go if I am looking for tax advisory services in the UAE?

For tax advice, you can engare certified companies such as Atton Consulting. Here you can always count on professional support and get expert solutions for your business in situations of any complexity. Learn from our experts about new opportunities for your company, thanks to our professional participation.

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