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About us

Atton Consulting is the professional corporate consulting firm in the UAE providing the extensive range of corporate and management consultancy services to corporate clients, business persons and private individuals to improve business stability as well as to meet other requirements.

Our services include incorporation and administrative support of all types of companies in the UAE, support in opening bank accounts, residency visas support, corporate structuring, obtaining of various business licenses and all other types of corporate services in the UAE.

In the official cooperation with Atton Institute UAE we provide the additional extended scope of advisory on crisis management, risk management, change management, project management, work processes optimization, HR resources optimization and strategic thinking and planning.

On our website, you will find various useful information and practical solutions on the issues how to optimize various business expenses safely and how to improve the economic indicators reducing various deductions and charges – using companies in the UAE and the other countries.

  • Various options of reducing taxes – it is the only website, which covers in detail all the aspects of taxation in the UAE and how to use effectively the advantages, which are offered by this country, for your business.
  • The majority of publications are devoted to the issue of how to apply tax solutions in accordance with the applicable international practice.
  • With our resource, you always will be informed timely about the new opportunities, which are offered by the UAE and the other jurisdictions.
  • You can contact our experts via our tax website and get answers to all your questions.
  • Everything that we publish is based on real experience and real solutions, which are put into practice by our clients.

Objectives of our website:

  • Provide our visitors with relevant and useful information, which allows one to use the most relevant solutions for international tax planning.
  • Provide the necessary level of support and consultations to our visitors to the website and clients.
  • Support clients in choosing the most suitable solutions for business among the numerous available options.

The website is regularly updated and complemented with new publications and experts’ opinions.

Some popular tax websites

We offer you a review of some of the top websites and blogs on taxation

  • TaxAct. This British website about taxes was created back in 1998. Since then, it has been one of the most popular taxation web resources in different countries and jurisdictions of the world. News on current changes in taxation systems is published here monthly. Information from this resource will be useful for people in business and individuals who are engaged in fiscal planning and tax optimization. Website: http://blog.taxact.com
  • Tax-News. The American website Tax-News.com constantly publishes news and reviews on taxation systems in countries around the world, international law, politics, economics, trade, and other issues that are relevant to entrepreneurs who conduct international business. Information on the site is updated regularly. Website: http://tax-news.com
  • Reddit. Another popular American web resource on taxation from San Francisco, California. Reddit publishes news about taxes and discussions for resource visitors! News, discussions, political specifics and legislation – everything that relates to taxes in the United States and other countries of the world, at the federal and local levels. Website: http://reddit.com/r/tax
  • Richard Murphy’s Blog. Richard Murphy's UK blog on taxes and political economy. Richard Murphy is a graduate specialist in fiscal policy and taxes. The author of the blog presents its original ideas regarding taxation and relevant news in this area. Website: http://taxresearch.org.uk/blog
  • ClearTax. The web resource on taxation ClearTax provides people with the necessary taxation information to help them to prepare and submit an electronic tax return. The main goal of this site is to reveal the peculiarities of the tax system of India and simplify the process of calculating taxes for residents of this country. Site http://cleartax.in
  • Etax. Australian website Etax is intended to help the taxpayer navigate the fiscal policy and optimize their taxes both in the country and abroad. Etax is a good source of tax advice and advice. Site http://etax.com.au/
  • Fieldfisher. EU Fieldfisher is a law company from the European Union, here various solutions for tax optimization in various sectors of the economy are described. The site is aimed primarily at customers from the Eurozone countries. Site https://taxdeductionsblog.fieldfisher.com

If you have any questions regarding the tax system in the UAE, tax optimization in this jurisdiction, or the registration of a company here, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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